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2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

4/23/07 – 4/27/07

When did Stephanie start calling Steve “Papa”?  She used to call him daddy.

When did Abe get a transplant? The last time he was shown, he didn’t mention anything about getting a transplant.

Why would Belle be surprised that Shawn would give her an ultimatum about whether or not they are getting together?  How much longer is she going to keep him on a string?

Why did Sami have to talk to EJ before she lit him on fire?  She kept threatening him before, but when it came time to actually do it, she had to talk herself into doing it.

Is anyone else sick of belle always playing the victim when it comes to Gabby?  We know Gabby is up to something, but that doesn’t explain the way Belle was acting.

Why couldn’t Celeste light EJ on fire when Sami couldn’t do it?  Since she wanted EJ to die so badly, what was stopping her from killing him?

When are the writers going to give Kate a storyline where she doesn’t have to be involved with Sami?  How could the actress not get tired of having the same story over and over?

Wasn’t it convenient that Belle heard Gabby’s voice when she went back to Shawn’s room?  Of course she assumed the worst even though she didn’t hear Shawn’s voice.  If she went in the room, she would have known that she wasn’t with Shawn.

Does anyone else think that Gabby could be a hooker?  She claimed that she was interested in Shawn, but she was in bed with another man.

Why did it take Lucas so long to wake up from the lipstick, but EJ woke up right away?  She didn’t kiss Lucas twice the way she kissed EJ, yet he was still unconscious and EJ was awake.

Who did Belle think she was leaving Shawn a note about taking Claire back to Salem?  Claire is Shawn’s daughter too so he had a right to know that she was taking her home.

Why are the writers acting as if the name “Brandy” is so unheard of?  Have the ever heard of the singer Brandy?

Why did it take so long for the writers to involve Bo in Steve’s story?  It was so much better with Bo involved and we’re not just saying that because we missed him.  It was actually true. LOL!

Is anyone else already sick of hearing Stephanie call Steve “papa”?  It’s already getting annoying.

What does it say for Kayla that her own daughter thinks that she is pathetic to keep holding out hope for Steve to come back to them?  We don’t think she needs to give up completely, but she does need to ease up on obsessing over Steve.

Can you believe that Kim’s name was actually mentioned on the show?  It’s been a while since she’s been mentioned on the show.

Why did Belle wait to talk to Marlena when she needed advice?  Why didn’t she sneak and call her before?

Wasn’t that nice of the writers to have Sami and Lucas want to help out Katrina victims?

Why did Roman have to tell Lucas about EJ being dead?  He is not EJ’s family so he didn’t need to know about it.

Wasn’t it great hearing Gabby tell Belle off?  Belle could have been bought for a quarter when Gabby went off on her.  Guess it’s okay for Belle to do the yelling but she’s not supposed to be told off.

Why does Sami look as if she’s losing weight when she’s supposed to be pregnant?  She should be starting to show, yet she looks smaller.

How was the cop able to get in Bo and Hope’s house without her knowing he was in there?

When did Hope stop being a cop?  We were under the impression that she was only gone for maternity leave, not gone for good.

Wasn’t it cute to see Bo with the baby?  We don’t get to see him with the baby that often so it was good to see.

Speaking of Bo and the baby, is it just us or does it look as if Hope doesn’t want Bo to hold the baby?  Bo was only able to hold Ciara for a few minutes before Hope took her away from him.

What is wrong with this picture?  Billie would rather Bo blame Philip for putting the security system in his house than think the worst in EJ.

Did anyone else enjoy seeing Bo yell at Billie?  She had it coming.

Who was Sami to blame Celeste for why EJ is after her?  No one told her not to throw the match on EJ.  Also, Celeste didn’t force Sami to go along with the plan.  Same was the one who finally decided to go along with it.

Why does everyone forget about Rex and Cassie?  Whenever Lucas gives Kate the rundown about her kids, he always forgets about Rex and Cassie.  Are they suddenly not her children just because they are not on the show?

Why did Sami have a change of heart about telling Lucas the truth?  At the cabin, Sami said she was going to tell the truth to eliminate the hold that EJ had on her.  Now all of a sudden, she doesn’t want him to know because she will lose him.  She was never going to tell him the truth.  She was just looking for an excuse to get out of telling him the truth.

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Page updated 9/1/12

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