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2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

3/5/07 Ė 3/9/07

Why would Shawn and Belle remember to bring covers and pillows to the island, but they didnít think of bringing waterproof containers of food?

Since Kate wonít swallow her pride and accept Sami being in Lucasís life, why was she so surprised that he is mad at her?

Did anyone else feel that Mimiís departure was anticlimactic since she didnít get a proper send off?

Since Hope was willing to give Willow money, why would she sell Shawn out again?

Why would Kate want to go to Lumiís wedding if she doesnít want them to get married?

Since when has Sami gone to church every Sunday?  She has never said anything about that before.

Didnít Billie make a big deal about EJ kissing her?  Maybe she liked it more than she realized.

Billie said that EJ was the only DiMera who was human.  Did she forget that Lexie is a DiMera too?

Since Sami didnít want to get married in a church, why wouldnít Lucas agree to elope?  He knows how many wedding sheís had to endure so he should have been willing to elope.

Speaking of Lucas, how come no one ever tells him about all of the weddings heís had over the years?  Heís had a lot too.

Was it really a good idea for Bo to tell Billie how Shawn is still alive?  She could have gone to Philip and told him the truth.

Why did Billie tell Bo that EJ is working on her project with her if she wanted his help?

Why didnít Billie go to Kate for help with her idea?  She probably would have helped her. 

The writers are obviously trying to make us feel sorry for Willow by having her lose everything.  Itís not working for us.

Why did Nick wait until Chelsea liked him to tell her the truth about being with Billie?

Since Nick wanted to tell Chelsea the truth, why did he take so long to do it?

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Page updated 6/26/12

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