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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

1/29/07 - 2/2/07

Were any other Bo fans happy to see him again?  We know we were.

Are Belle and Philip officially divorced?  Did we miss something?

Why wasnít Hope at the Pub (Mondayís episode) when Chelsea was telling Bo about Shawn and Belle?

Can you imagine how bad Philip would look if he were the one who wanted to take Claire to Africa?

What did Belle do with the money that Shawn gave her when he worked for EJ?

Since Mimi mentioned Patrick (unfortunately), how come she and her family stopped helping him get out of jail?

Wasnít it about time we got to see Hope with the baby again?

Could Willow be lying about being pregnant?  Why would Shawn take the risk and have sex with Willow without using protection?

Why did Philip expect Max to sell out his own nephew just to get a car?  Philip doesnít know that Max isnít loyal.

Why didnít Nick call Maggie and tell her he was leaving town?  Why did he have to do it in person?

Why did Chelsea call Maggie ďAunt MaggieĒ?  She is not related to her.

Since Lucas is the one who needs the job, should he really throw his weight around with EJ?

Since the guys at the Safe house were blasting music, why did they care that Claire was crying?

Does anyone else think that Jay K. Johnston is doing a really good job as Philip?

Why didnít Shawn and Belle bring money with them when they knew they were going to be on the run?

How come Shawn and Belle were able to drive to Canada, but Chelsea and Nick had to fly?  It didnít take long for Shelle to drive there, but it took Chelsea and Nick a long time.

Why was it Chelseaís business who Nick had sex with?  What difference did it make one way or the other?

As much as Kate has exposed Sami, why didnít she realize that Kate didnít want to call a truce with her?

How did Philip and Willow know which precinct Shawn went to when he got arrested?

Why did Belle feel that she couldnít take care of Claire without Shawn?  What was she doing before he found out the truth?

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Page updated 6/26/12

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