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2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

1/22/07 - 1/26/07

How did Philip know where Mimi was staying?  She didn’t have to be staying with Max.

Isn’t that something how an Amber alert was put out on Claire when she is with her parents?

Wasn’t it weird to see Philip lash out at Mimi considering they were good friends?

Why didn’t Belle notice how Claire had a new tooth when she was holding her at the hospital?

Was anyone surprised that Abe threw Lexie out of the house again?  She shouldn’t have lied about seeing EJ shoot John.

When did Abe step down from being commissioner?

Why would Mimi tell Philip the truth about where Shawn and Belle were?  What made her think that Philip would untie her?

Why was Marlena at home with Kayla instead of at the hospital with John?  He could have taken a turn for the worst while she was gone.

Shouldn’t Belle and Shawn have realized that Mimi or Max told Philip where they were?

Why wouldn’t Shawn and Belle take money with them while they were going to leave Salem?

How much time went by if Sami already knows that she’s pregnant?

Can you believe that Chelsea was acting as if she really was going out with Shane Patton?  She never even met him.

Was anyone really surprised that the skeleton ended up being Mimi’s father?  Who else would it have been?

Was anyone else bored with the scenes at the Lockhart house?  We didn’t care for them at all.

Why couldn’t Kate mind her business and leave Sami alone?  She should be glad that Lucas is alive instead of wondering how Sami saved him.

Why is Victor helping Philip if he doesn’t trust him?

Should Sami really keep getting smart with EJ considering what he knows about her?

 Why did Victor need Lucas to go after Shawn and Belle?  Why couldn’t he hire someone to do it?

Does anyone really care about whether Abby and Chelsea go to school full time or part time?

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Page updated 6/26/12

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