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2007 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

1/15/07 Ė 1/19/07

  1. We may be wrong about this, but what right did Beverly have to keep Claire from her family?
  2. Didnít it seem weird when Shawn and Belle said Philip wasnít the real one considering this actor played him before?
  3. Why werenít Roman and Sami at Claireís custody hearing?
  4. Why did Stephanie flip out on Chelsea at Maxís garage?
  5. What does it say about Shawn and Belleís attorney that Victor was able to beat them without an attorney?
  6. Wasnít it good that Sami actually checked on John?
  7. Isnít it a shame that Sami realized the horrible way she treated John when he was in a coma?
  8. What is it going to take for Kate to stay out of Lucasís love life?
  9. Was anyone else cheering Philip on when he told Mimi that she was only trying to ease her guilt for why she wanted to see him?
  10. Why do we get we get the impression that Belle only cares about having her parents around when she needs them?  She doesnít really care about them when sheís not going through something.
  11. When did Steve cut his hair?
  12. Why would Shawn want to take the risk of losing Claire for good by running away with her?
  13. Why was Mimi turning Shelleís situation with Claire into her moment?
  14. Why didnít Steve go with Stephanie to the airport?
  15. Why do people always have to talk out loud when they are typing?  Nick and Chelsea did that when they were typing.
  16. Why would Steve get Bo to get him a job when Bo is still suspended?
  17. Why didnít Steve get a job at the hospital since he worked at a hospice?
  18. When did Nick get a picture of Chelsea?
  19. Why would Steve confront EJ by himself?
  20. Why would Kate go to Samiís celebration when she doesnít like her?
  21. How come Philip was able to keep up with Shawn when he has an artificial leg?  He shouldnít have been able to run as fast as Shawn.

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Page updated 6/26/12

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