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2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

12/25/06 Ė 12/29/06

  1. Why were Doug and Julie only brought back to the show for a Christmas episode?
  2. Why couldnít Nickís parents come back to Salem to give him his presents?
  3. Where did Max find Christmas decorations in the church basement?
  4. Didnít the tree trimming at the Horton house lose something since it wasnít done on Christmas?
  5. Wouldnít you have given almost anything to see how Bo was talked into dressing up as Santa?
  6. Are we supposed to forget that Lucas was friends with EJ once?
  7. Was anyone else shocked that Will was going to spend the night with John and Marlena?  When was the last time Marlena was with Will?
  8. Why didnít Belle/Sami spend Christmas with John and Marlena?
  9. Why didnít Hope run off when Patrick was on the phone with Chelsea?
  10. What kind of a former cop (Lexie) would have left her door open?  No wonder Tek was able to get in her car.
  11. Why was Patrick shocked that Hope didnít love him the way he loved her when she never hid that from him?
  12. Why are the writers trying to make Patrick look like a good guy by having him confess to Bo being the father of Hopeís baby?  Itís too late for that.
  13. How pathetic is EJ that he had to force Sami to have sex with him?
  14. Why does everyone always forget that Belle isnít Johnís only kid?

Page updated 9/5/12

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