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2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

12/11/06 Ė 12/15/06

  1. Wasnít it great to see Bo finally stand up to Hope because she didnít believe him about not beating up Patrick?
  2. Why did Willow have to tell Belle that she was staying with Shawn?  Did she want to make things worse for Shawn?
  3. Were we the only ones who were so happy that Hope finally apologized to Bo for not believing him?
  4. Since Belle and Shawn arenít a couple anymore, why did she get so mad when she found out that Willow was staying with him?
  5. Is Nick a masochist?  Why would he want to help Chelsea find the man she loves?
  6. Why was Steve so surprised that Kayla wasnít jumping up and down when he said he got his memory back?  Why should she be happy when he has pushed her away so much?
  7. Why was Victor so against Shawn bonding with Claire?  
  8. Why did Victor forget Bo/Hope when he said he was the only constant in Claireís life?
  9. If John and Marlena realized that it was too dangerous to take on Stefano, why didnít they get help to go after him?
  10. Wasnít it good to see Hope initiate getting closer with Bo?
  11. Wasnít it weird to see Max and Roman have a conversation with each other?
  12. Did Philipís accident leave him without the ability to speak?
  13. Did Hope really expect Patrick to forget that she agreed to go away with him?
  14. Why did Sami think Lucas would be happy about her working with EJ?
  15. Wasnít Shawn a little cold when he dumped Willow?
  16. Didnít Hope have a lot of nerve expecting Bo to thrust her when she has a hard time trusting him?
  17. Why did Roman snap at Nick when he was trying to get Abby to remember the van that was at Maxís lot?  All he did was try to help.
  18. What did Willow expect Bo and Hope to do when Shawn dumped her?
  19. Why was Abby more worried about Max than Roman was?  Roman is supposed to be his brother yet he didnít care.
  20. Did Roman forget that Max told him that Victor might have done something to him for knowing about Philip?  Thereís no reason why the police shouldnít have a lead.
  21. Why didnít Lucas find a better hiding place at the conference?  If he did, EJ might not have seen him.
  22. Was anyone surprised that EJ told Sami that Lucas was at the conference?

Page updated 9/5/12

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