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2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

12/4/06 Ė 12/8/06

  1. What happened to the rest of the bruises on Patrickís faces?  He had bruises on both sides of his face, yet they were only on one.
  2. Why did Hope expect Patrick to want to drop the charges against Bo when Patrick has made it no secret that he doesnít care for Bo?
  3. Didnít Abby seem jealous that Max could like Mimi?  
  4. Was Mimi foreshadowing Patrickís death when she told Bonnie that he could be six feet under?
  5. When Patrick wanted Hope to bargain with him with in order to free Bo, shouldnít that have clued Hope in on the kind of man he is?
  6. Why is Victor taking such an interest in Claire now that itís revealed that Shawn is her father?  He didnítí care to see her when everyone thought she was Philipís daughter.
  7. Why would Victor leave Lucas in charge of Titan when he hasnít been working there long?
  8. Why would Belle turn her back to Claire while she was on the phone? 
  9. Was it fate that Sami and Lucas kept getting interrupted when they were trying to have sex?
  10. Why couldnít Lucas go with Sami when she went to check on Claire?  Claire is related to him too.
  11. Why did John and Marlena waste time having a romantic evening when they were supposed to be in Italy investigating EJ?
  12. Why is EJís story getting shoved down our throats?
  13. Why did Sami yell at Shawn for getting upset with Belle when he had every right to be mad?  If the shoe were on the other foot and he turned his back on Claire, she would have been mad at him too.
  14. Where was Belle when Sami thought Will was kidnapped?  She was nowhere to be found.
  15. What was the point of Victor having Claire kidnapped?
  16. Why would Nick want to be with Chelsea knowing the way she feels about Hope?  Also, Chelsea killed his cousin.  Thatís another reason why he shouldnít want to be with her.
  17. Why would John and Marlena get married without their children being there to see it?
  18. When did Chelsea and Stephanie start hanging around each other?
  19. If Steve didnít want to hurt Kayla, why did he want to tell that her that he didnít remember her?
  20.  Did Belle think Hope was going to kidnap Claire when she offered to watch Claire?
  21. Why was Chelsea willing to accept Billie being with Steve now that she is in love with the guy from the Internet?
  22. Was anyone really surprised that Nick was Chelseaís secret admirer?

Page updated 9/5/12

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