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2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

11/20/06 Ė 11/24/06

  1. Why does Willow have to always be around Shawn when she said she didnít want to do anything with him?
  2. Why is Will so obsessed with getting his parents back together?  Heís as bad as Sami.
  3. If Sami wanted EJ to think that she was interested in her, why did she act so nervous around him?
  4. Why was John so determined to go after EJ and Patrick now that they went after him?
  5. If Willow was suspicious of EJ, why did she suggest that Shawn work for him?
  6. When is Abe going to get an office of his own?  Why does he always have to use Romanís office?
  7. Why didnít Hope slap Shawn when he mouthed of at her the way he did?
  8. Why was it okay for Abe to hit Tek, but he had to suspend Bo when he hit Patrick?
  9. Doesnít it seem as if itís been a long time since Hope and Lexie spoke to each other?
  10. How convenient was it that Frankie got a new job in Washington?
  11. How come whenever someoneís life doesnít go the way itís planned, they always leave town?
  12. Why is Hope so willing to help Billie and Steve get together?
  13. Who was Billie to say that Sami has baggage when she has some of her own?
  14. Why wasnít Sami invited to the Brady Thanksgiving dinner if Nick was invited?
  15. When is Chelsea going to get her butt kicked for the things she does?

Page updated 9/5/12

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