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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

11/13/06 – 11/17/06

  1. Why didn’t Grandpa Shawn know Nick if Caroline knew him?
  2. What took Marlena so long to visit Kayla and Steve?
  3. Did John seem jealous that Kate has a special relationship with EJ?
  4. Did anyone else enjoy EJ putting Will in his place about his relationship with Sami?
  5. Why wouldn’t Kimberly come back to see Kayla?  Her sister could be dying yet she’s not there.
  6. Why couldn’t Shawn stay at his old apartment?  Since Mimi moved out, he could have stayed there.
  7. Why does Victor have to go throw flaming hopes in order to see Claire?
  8. Doesn’t Shawn’s new place look like Belle’s old place?
  9. Why was Willow going crazy just because he didn’t want her to move in with him right away?
  10. Wasn’t it something how all it took for Steve to get his memory back was to see Benjy?
  11. Wasn’t it great that Hope asked Bo to move back in with her?
  12. Where did Stephanie get her change of clothes when she left the hospital?
  13. Was anyone surprised that Marlena ended up getting hurt when she jumped out of the plane?
  14. Why would Hope tell Patrick about the evidence the police had against him?
  15. Why was Steve making so much noise when he turned the pages in the book?  What was to keep Kayla from hearing the pages?
  16. Why wasn’t Shawn at the hospital for Kayla?  Even Mimi was at the hospital and she barely knows her.
  17. Why did Willow expect Shawn to choose her over Claire?
  18. What were the odds that all it took to bring Kayla back was a kiss?
  19. Why was Marlena determined to keep John from helping Bo?
  20. Why didn’t the writers give Hope a more convincing stomach if they wanted us to believe that she’s pregnant?
  21. When Marlena gave the rundown of who John had to live for, why did she forget Brady?

Page updated 9/5/12

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