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2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

11/6/06 Ė 11-10/06

  1. We know Mimi wanted to tell the truth, but did she have to be so brutally honest when Bonnie wanted her opinion on her dress?
  2. Why was Willow in such a rush to move in with Shawn when she barely knows him?
  3. Wasnít it convenient how Patrick knew to show up at the pub just as Bo and Hope appeared to be getting closer?
  4. Why does Patrick continue to go to the pub?  What made him think he would be welcomed there after what heís done to Bo?
  5. Why is Shawn constantly lying about his job with EJ if he thinks itís legit?
  6. Why didnít Billie confront Steve when she heard him say that he got his memory back?
  7. What happened to Lauren?  She didnít seem like the type that was only after money.
  8. What does it say for Bo that Billie had to stop them from sleeping together?
  9. Why would Caroline give Chelsea money after the way she spoke to her?
  10. Wasnít it convenient that Chelsea saw Bo and Billie in bed together?
  11. Why did Nick show up out of the blue? 
  12. Who was Hope to get mad that Bo was with Billie when she planned on going away with Patrick?
  13. Did Victor forget that Philip is having a baby with a surrogate?  Claire is not his only link to Philip.
  14. Why would Nick want to help Chelsea after the way she spoke about him?
  15. Why was Lexie suddenly talking about being a DiMera?
  16. Why was Stephanie out of her wheelchair?  When she checked on Kayla before, she was in the wheelchair.
  17. When did Lucas think EJ was scum?  We remember Lucas liking EJ when he first met him.

Page updated 9/5/12

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