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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/30/06 Ė 11/3/06

  1. What nerve did Lucas have getting mad that Sami was with EJ?  He didnít want to be with her anymore so itís not his business.
  2. Who did Belle think she was keeping Shawn from Claire?
  3. Why was Roman treating Lexie as if he didnít know what she did to Carrie?
  4. Did anyone else love when Shawn threatened to sue Belle for full custody of Claire?  It served her right since she tried to keep him from seeing Claire.
  5. Why would Willow want to talk to Shawn after what she heard him say about her?
  6. Why didnít anyone call Steveís mother?  She might not have wanted the doctors to use the experimental drug on him.
  7. What is it going to take for Billie to smack Chelsea?  She needs to stop letting her get away with talking to her the way she does.
  8. Since Chelsea is so selfish, are we really supposed to believe that she really wants her parents back together?
  9. Why was Hope willing to be nice to Billie, but she was still being hard on Bo?
  10. Wasnít it nice to finally see Bo and Shawn bonding?
  11. What does it say for Belle that Willow barely knows her, but she read her like a book?
  12. Why didnít Shawn get a job working for Maggie or Mickey?
  13. If Bradys are supposed to stick together as Frankie said, why did they turn on Sami?
  14. Why would Chelsea care if Kate dumped Stephanie as a client when she doesnít like her anyway?
  15. Why didnít Abby go to the hospital with Frankie when they found out about Steve?
  16. How did Willow know that EJ had racecars?  Itís not likely that she would know about EJ
  17. How did Shawn know EJís number?
  18. Since Bo raised Shawn, it shouldnít have been a surprise to Chelsea that he would choose him over her?
  19. Seeing as something always happens to Marlena, was she really someone who should have been warning John to be careful?
  20. Why wasnít Roman at the hospital with Kayla?
  21. Why did Hope think Steve would have been Kaylaís reason for living?  Why wouldnít Stephanie be enough of a reason for Kayla to live?
  22. Why did Shawn think he was too good to go back home with Hope?  Since he doesnít have a place to live, who was he to turn it down?
  23. What did Stephanie expect Steve to do in order to save Kayla?
  24. Wasnít it about time that Belle realized that she didnít have a right to judge Shawn for not having a job when she didnít have one?

Page updated 9/5/12

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