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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/23/06 – 10/27/06

  1. Why does Mimi ever talk to Bonnie if she is going to get upset with her?  We are so sick of Mimi mouthing off to Bonnie one minute and calling her for her help the next.
  2. Why did Hope blame Bo for Shawn taking the boat and for fighting Patrick?  Shawn told her that it wasn’t Bo’s fault that he took the boat.  She also knew that Patrick egged Bo on for why they fought.
  3. Why was Marlena so nasty to Sami when she interrupted John’s proposal?  We bet if it were Belle that interrupted her, she wouldn’t have been upset.
  4. Why was Hope so friendly with Mimi considering how she lied about Claire?
  5. Who was Shawn to give Max advice on what to do about Stephanie?  He has a situation of his own to work out.
  6. Did anyone else find it anti-climatic that EJ was revealed to be the gloved hand?  Since the writers spoiled the reveal, it kind of lost something once the truth came out.
  7. Why did Marlena feel like she couldn’t forgive Sami when she didn’t do anything to her?
  8. Did it seem as if Hope was trying to criticize Maggie for hiring Willow?
  9. How did EJ know where Marlena lived?  Sami never brought him to the penthouse so how did he know where to find it?
  10. Why was Mimi catching an attitude with Shawn at the garage as if she weren’t the one who messed things up for them?
  11. When did Mimi and Max become friends?  We didn’t realize they were so close.
  12. What kind of a mother would call their own daughter a selfish, conniving wench?
  13. Why did Max defend Mimi after what she did to Shawn?
  14. Why wasn’t Kayla bothered by Stephanie saying that she had a relationship with Max?
  15. Why was Carrie going after Lexie more than Sami?
  16. What’s going to happen to Austin’s company when he leaves?
  17. When did Carrie resign from Titan?
  18. Why was Carrie in a rush to get married again when she just got an annulment?
  19. Why wouldn’t Austin invite Billie to his wedding?  They are close so she should have been there.
  20. What took Sami so long to get to the justice of the peace?  She left a few minutes after Kate so why did she take so long?
  21. Are we supposed to believe that Billie really cared if Kayla died?  We find it hard to believe.
  22. Why would Sami expect to be invited to Austin and Carrie’s wedding?
  23. How were Austin and Carrie able to get married so fast if it were only a day since she to the annulment?
  24. Why does Will suddenly want Lucas and Sami back together?
  25. If Max only went out on one date with Stephanie, why did she think they were in a relationship?

Page updated 9/5/12

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