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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/16/06 – 10/20/06

  1. Why did Billie go to Stephanie’s room with Steve?  She knows that Stephanie doesn’t like her so why did she bother?
  2. Why was Mimi acting as if Shawn was the one who betrayed her?
  3. Why would Shawn take Willow out on the boat when Bo just told him not to do it?
  4. Since Chelsea has been arrested a lot, why didn’t the detective recognize her?
  5. Is anyone else getting sick of Billie trying to play the martyr?  We find it hard to believe that she wants Kayla to go after Steve.
  6. Why would Victor even want to talk to Kate?
  7. Who told Belle what Mimi did to her?  Did we miss something?
  8. Why did Mimi have to open her big mouth and tell Hope how Bo was too busy with Chelsea to help Shawn?  She knows what Bo and Hope are going through so Mimi only made things worse.
  9. Does Hope enjoy yelling at Bo?  Even when Shawn was trying to defend Bo, she still wouldn’t listen.
  10. Did anyone else enjoy watching Sami calling Carrie out for her behavior?
  11. Why do the writers insist on making Hope come off like such a b*tch towards Bo?  The writers are really making us question why she is our favorite female character on the show.
  12. Since Belle isn’t even divorced yet, why was Belle trying so hard to get back together with Shawn?
  13. When is Carrie going to take responsibility for why she and Austin weren’t together?
  14. Did anyone else enjoy watching Bo beat the crap out of Patrick?
  15. Can you believe that hope was defending Patrick when Bo was arrested?  She is really getting on our nerves.
  16. Why does Sami let Will talk to her the way he does?

Page updated 9/6/12

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