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2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/9/06 – 10/13/06

  1. What took Sami so long to check on Belle?
  2. When did Abe get better?  He didn’t say anything about being able to have sex again.
  3. Why did Shawn move out of the apartment?  Why couldn’t Mimi move back with Bonnie?
  4. Why wouldn’t Mimi want her baby?  She was willing to get rid of it just because of what happened to Belle.
  5. Why didn’t Roman help John find Marlena?  You would think that he would have wanted to help him find her.
  6. Since Salem is a small town, how is Lexie supposed to avoid seeing Tek?
  7. Why does Kate suddenly think that Belle and Shawn deserve each other?  If she stayed out of it, then Philip wouldn’t be hurting?
  8. If Lucas doesn’t want Sami back, why would he sabotage her date with EJ?
  9. Was anyone else hoping that Philip would have yelled at her more than he did?
  10. Why did Kate have to tell Philip how Victor knew the truth about Claire?
  11. Is Shawn’s answer to everything that goes wrong in his life to run into something?  He didn’t have to run into Victor’s house.
  12. Why does Bo ever bother going to Hope to reach out to her?  She always insists on giving him a hard time.
  13. Wasn’t Sami willing to have sex with EJ really fast?
  14. Since Belle was leaving Philip anyway, why couldn’t she be honest with him and tell him that she was still in love with Shawn?
  15. Was Belle really sad about her marriage being over or because she thinks she doesn’t have Shawn?
  16. Does Lucas really love Sami or is he just trying to get over Carrie?
  17. Shouldn’t Mimi have felt weird working for the woman that Bonnie lost her husband to?
  18. Why did Shawn have sex with Willow so fast?

Page updated 9/5/12

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