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2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

10/2/06 – 10/6/06

  1. Wouldn’t Mimi’s exposure have been better if Jason Cook were still playing Shawn?
  2. Why does Chelsea care so much about whether Kayla and Steve get back together? 
  3. Did anyone else love how Shawn blamed Mimi and not just Bonnie for keeping the truth from him?
  4. Mimi was the one who kept the truth from Shawn so why was she making it seem as if it was his fault for loving Belle?
  5. Why was it okay for Chelsea to constantly come between Bo and Hope, but Billie was wrong to come between Steve and Kayla?
  6. Didn’t Lucas seem jealous at the idea of EJ seeing Sami?  Why does he care if they date?
  7. Did Mimi forget that she wasn’t forced to keep Claire’s paternity a secret?  She had plenty of time to tell Shawn, but she didn’t do it.
  8. Wasn’t it great to see Bo and Hope kissing on the Fancy Face?
  9. What is keeping Hope from getting back together with Bo? 
  10. Did anyone else really care about Max and Stephanie’s race?
  11. Wasn’t that good that the writers remembered how Abby had A Plastic Anemia?  We figured that they didn’t remember that.
  12. How much time went by since Hope looks like she’s starting to show?
  13. Is anyone else sick of everyone talking about how beautiful Stephanie is?  We know we are.
  14. How many more couples will Billie break up before she’s stopped?
  15. Is anyone else suspicious of Roman?  He was a little too willing to defend Patrick to Bo.
  16. Didn’t Roman seem a little too happy to give in the evidence that got Patrick off the hook?
  17. How come Hope was able to apologize to Patrick, but she didn’t apologize to Bo when she was wrong about him?
  18. Why did the writers wrap up Abe and Lexie’s story so fast?

Page updated 9/5/12

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