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2006 Our Opinion!

Questions by Michele & Cheryl

9/18/06 - 9/22/06

  1. Why would Hope be willing to believe that Chelsea stole the evidence disk, but she didnít believe that Patrick took it?
  2. Wasnít it just a little too easy for Bo to find the evidence against Patrick?  That sounds a little fishy.
  3. Why is EJ showing his true colors all of a sudden?  He was careful before, but now heís acting guilty about what happened to Eve.
  4. How come the police arenít investigating Willís kidnapping?  Why are they more concerned about clearing Boís name?
  5. Wasnít it great to see the look on Hopeís face when Bo handed her the evidence disk that proved that he didnít tamper with it?
  6. How many times is Mimi going to change her hair?
  7. Wasnít it tacky of Jennifer to have sex with Jack before she talked to Frankie?
  8. Why did Mimi have to use a country accent to talk to the lab technician?
  9. Wasnít that convenient how the lab technician didnít know that Mimi used to work at the hospital?
  10. Did anyone else want to hit Shawn while he was giving Bo a hard time?
  11. How did Bonnie know to hide when the lab tech went back to the lab?  Does she have psychic powers to know that he would have been back?
  12. Wasnít it great to see Abe defending Bo to Shawn?  Shawn should have been doing that for him.
  13. Did you notice how Jennifer didnít mention Frankie at all once she cleared her conscience and told him her decision to choose Jack?
  14. Why did Vern and Jo have Jack Jr. when Julie had him?
  15. Speaking of Julie, why wouldnít she be at Jack and Jenniferís going away party?
  16. Why would Jennifer go to London when she knows that her nephew is kidnapped?
  17. What does it say for Hope that Jennifer had to try and convince her that Bo is innocent?
  18. Why wouldnít Marlena want to be around to help Sami out?  Her son is kidnapped so Marlena should be there.
  19. Why werenít Belle and Philip around to help Sami and Lucas since their nephew is missing?

Page updated 9/5/12

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