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2006 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 9/22/06 by Justin


I will be the first to admit that I hated Chelsea, and I never thought that I would ever care for this character.  In an unexpected turn of events I am starting to like Chelsea.  I think we are seeing a different side to Chelsea that could lead her down a better road to a good life.  I still hate all of the whining she does about how horrible her life is and about her community service. Chelsea should be very grateful that she is not in jail because only then would she have a little bit of right to whine all the time. 

The writers have made many of the viewers start to feel bad for her.  Chelsea may not have handled the Clairís paternity the best way, but she did do the right thing.  The better approach would have been to show Lexie or another doctor the file before just slipping it in Shawnís hospital room.  I think Bo, Shawn, and Philip will have to do some major butt kissing when Chelsea is cleared of these alleged allegations.

The way Bo, Philip, Shawn, and Max have treated her with this entire paternity situation is horrible and I hope that we see these characters beg Chelsea to give them another chance with them.  I donít think that will ever happen but you never know.

Clairís Paternity

I hate the fact that Chelsea is the one who let Clairís paternity out of the bag.  I am happy that the truth is out; nevertheless, I just wish Mimi had been bold enough to tell everyone the truth. Knowing the Farah Fath is leaving the show I was hoping that she would be able to redeem Mimi, but I guess it wonít happen this way.  We will have some interesting situations coming now that Shawn knows that Clair is his daughter.

Lexie and Abe

I do not trust Abe at the moment.  One day he tells Tek that he wants nothing to do with Lexie, and then we see Abe and Lexie back together again, trying to work things out.  I am not sure if I would like to see these two reconcile.  I definitely do not want to see Tek and Lexie together either. 

Patrickís Arrest

From the very first moment Patrick has arrived in Salem we though he to be bad, then good, and then unsure.  I will say that I have always like the character of Patrick.  I will agree with a comment Jamison made many months back that Patrick and Billie were a great couple.  Looking back on those two they really were great for each other.

Personally, I do not believe that Patrick killed Eve.  I do think that he is involved in this entire mess, but think that the gloved hands are now turning on each other.  Now that the Salem police department is getting close maybe the people involved are trying to cause speculation, which will lead nobody behind bars.  The men I think who are involved are Patrick, E.J., and Tek.  I think Tek will be the one who killed Eve. 


Well if the rumors are true and Stefano is returning to Salem what will that mean for Marlena?  Marlena is supposed to leave town to start up that womanís clinic, will Stefano be waiting for her.  In a way I hope Marlena does meet up with Stefano again, with a possible kidnapping.  But I hope old Marlena resurfaces and protects herself.  We really need to see Salemís strong women make a quick return. 


Well, there are more rumors flying around about E.J. and his sexuality.  If E.J. does in fact turn out to be gay.  He will be the first main character to be gay on Days that I can recall.  We do have Harold who is mentioned by Jack and Jennifer here and there, but Harold was never a main character he was a supporting character for a Jack and Jennifer storyline. 

It would be interesting if Days tackled this story, because it would be interesting to see E.J. develop.  This means though if he is gay that a great pairing of Sami and E.J as a romantic couple is out of the question.  Partners in crime would be more like them, and maybe a little more interesting now that I think about it.  I guess we will find out shortly.

Jennifer and Jack

I havenít got to see Jack and Jenís final day yet, and so Iíll comment on that episode in my next column.  These past few weeks have been such a well-deserved blessing for the fans, as well as for the actors.  These were the scenes that should have been made months ago.  These two chasing the story and getting into trouble are what we all have been waiting for.  It is a shame that these characters are gone, but at least we did have a moment of genius to see why this couple has always been a super-couple. 


I wanted to cry for Frankie.  I have been a huge Jennifer and Frankie fan even though I knew that Jen is meant to be with Jack.  Lexie said it all when she said Frankie is one of the good guys.  Frankie made the most selfless act of love that any character has ever has.  He saved the life of his ďwifeísĒ husband to make her happy.  No woman could ask for a better partner than Frankie.  It would be great for Frankie to find love before he leaves the show, so we donít think he is completely miserable. 

Billy Warlock is a phenomenal actor and Days is making a huge mistake letting him go.  There are many characters for him to get involved with on the show, hmm like Billie. 


I had to save the best for last.  Billie has been a selfish person for many years.  But that all came crashing down when she took the stand in Bo and Hopeís divorce proceedings.  Billie admitted to everything she has done to keep Chelsea out of jail and Bo and Hope apart. To tell Hope that she made it appear that Bo and her had slept together, just to keep Chelsea out of jail had to be tough to say and hear.   Billie may not deserve to be forgiven for all the stunts she has pulled, but I am rooting for her now.  Billie has finally matured and I will say that as long as she stays out of Bo and Hopeís way she will be one of my new favorite characters.

Hey, itís just what I think!


A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference.  E-mail me at

P.S. Jamison you did an amazing job writing Days opinions.  We may not have always agreed on certain things but I always enjoyed reading your column.

Page updated 9/5/12

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