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2006 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 8/14/06 by Justin

The Gloved Hand

Many viewers are speculating that the gloved hand will not turn out to be a major character. This person (s) will be working for or is Stefano. Internet sites are buzzing that Stefano or another DiMera will be making his or her return to Salem. I do not watch the Bold and the Beautiful nor do I know of Joseph Mascolo current contract status or rumors about the show. I would though be open to his return as Stefano but due to the change of writers and the reported budget cuts I doubt that Joseph Mascolo would want to come back. Plus, the last time we had a DiMera story A.K.A Tony’s island many viewers lost interest once it was reveled to be Tony behind it.

I am intrigued that Patch/Nick and Kayla were followed to Cincinnati by the mysterious gloved hand, and that the gloved hand was so quick to return to Salem. But then again Kayla trip home didn’t seem to take too long as well. Is this a case of Salem’s super airport or is Cincinnati close to Salem?

Currently, the suspension is pointing toward Marlena. Sami commented she feels that she knows the person who is writing the note. The only person that Sami has a connection with is Marlena. Another point that was brought to my attention was the fact that the hand looks to have long slender fingers, which is usually a female trait. I wonder! If it is Marlena I would be thrilled, but we will have to wait and see.

Oops for Carrie

Carrie was informed that she was never truly pregnant. A devastated Carrie sobbed for the loss of her “baby” but also for the mistake she had made, which was choosing Lucas over Austin. I will say I feel very sympathetic for Carrie right now because to think you are expecting a baby, and then find out you were never pregnant would be horrible news. But I am not sympathizing with or for Carrie when it came to her sobbing because she chose to marry Lucas. She made the choice to marry Lucas so she needs to either live with her mistake or correct it by divorcing Lucas.

Also, how long can this night last in Salem? It seemed that E.J. trying to convince Sami lead into Austin surprising Sami with an engagement dinner. Where everyone kept saying the same dialogue over and over again. I was kind of relived when Austin and Carrie ran off together to have a private party of their own. At least the dialogue changed a tiny bit.


Let me say, Farah Fath you have done an outstanding job as Mimi these past almost ten years. Mimi has been the cute best friend to phenomenal lead actress. We have watched Mimi loose her home and live on the street, go through a traumatic abortion and break-up, and now being a married woman with a baby on the way. I just don’t know how Salem will continue without Mimi, but I guess we will have to fathom the possibility that Mimi will be gone. We may have a recast when Farah Fath leaves the role of Mimi sometime in the future but no word has been giving presently; however, I see it very unlikely that she will be recast.

Even though many individuals hate Mimi for not telling the truth I was rooting for her when she called Belle on her actions. Whether or not Mimi is good enough for Shawn isn’t the point. Belle is married and Shawn is married. You don’t chase after other people’s spouses so Mimi had every right to confront Belle. I do think Belle’s hormone excuse was a bit lame. She should have flat out told Mimi that she wanted Shawn.


I am glad that Philip has calmed down, and that he is starting to think that this was purposely done. I am sure the Mimi will believe Philips accusations but Belle and Shawn I don’t think will believe them. I don’t understand why people in Salem are not as suspicious as they should be. I mean when something terrible occurs someone else usually causes it. This type of thinking should be first nature by now.


I like watching E.J. but he is very shady. I am starting to now wonder if he is Benjy DeMira. The way he is in everyone’s business is perplexing, and his fascination of Sami may lead to how Stefano obsessed over Marlena, which would be awesome! (Hint Hint to the writers) I am intrigued by this character and am looking forward to what is to come.
Also, what is up with E.J. wanting to get to know Abby better? I think he has something up his sleeve with her. We will just have to wait to see what it is. My prediction is he will use Abby to sneak a peak of Shawn’s turbo engine. But once that happens everyone will be aware that he truly shouldn’t be trusted.

John and Marlena

It was wonderful to see them again. I really love when Marlena is on and hope that she doesn’t have any more long absences for a while. The most wonderful thing about Marlena’s return is her new attitude for herself. She wants to be separated from John for a time to find herself. She told John and Roman that she has always depended on John and Roman to save her, which she was grateful. Now though, she wants to be able to stand on her own and be the woman she thought she always was but isn’t. That is excellent advice for anybody who is struggling with his or her own self-identity. In order to be any good to others one needs to know his or her self extremely well.

Also, the last time Marlena asked John to move out she was the Salem stalker, could this be a clue to Marlena being the gloved hand as I mentioned in my first section? One can only hope.

Hey, it’s just what I think!

As always, a face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference!

Page updated 9/5/12

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