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2006 Our Opinion!

My Final Opinion by Jamison

Lack of interest in the show kept me from being really interested in writing this column for the last few months.  But I’m back to write one last column on the events that have unfolded since my last writing.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: I actually like this fertility storyline in that it’s certainly laying the groundwork for Shawn and Belle to get back together.  They already have one child (Claire) together, so having a second one should be more than enough to reunite them.  I’m a Shelle fan at heart, and as fond as I was of Shimi when they first began, Mimi turned into the same whiny, cowardly liar she was with Rex and killed any interest I may have had in Shawn and Mimi.  So bring on Shelle!  Oh, and get rid of Philip and Mimi, I say.  Looks like it’ll be happening fairly soon, as both Kyle Brandt (Philip) and Farah Fath (Mimi) will both be receiving their walking papers in the near future.  So will Jason Cook (Shawn), but they’re recasting the part.  Hopefully, the new Shawn will have more chemistry with Martha Madison (Belle).

John/Marlena: So the storyline with Alex finally ended a few months back, and not a moment too soon!  Marlena got her memory back, and she and John are more in love than ever!  Unfortunately, we had to stand a few months without them as both went off the canvas.  But they’re back, and Marlena needs to rebuild herself and her character after what happened with Alex before she recommits herself to John.  Good move, I say.  Reilly really wrecked her character with that disaster of a storyline, so I say she needs to rebuild herself, and fast!

Austin/Sami/Lucas/Carrie: Who was really shocked that Lucas and Carrie actually got married successfully?  Who was shocked that Carrie’s “pregnancy” wasn’t even a pregnancy to begin with?  I know I wasn’t.  Right now, all that’s on my mind is how stupid Carrie is to want to give her marriage to Lucas another try regardless.  Even after having sex with true love Austin.  Meanwhile, Austin’s just disappointing, being engaged to Sami just to have a family with her that he can’t have with Carrie, whom he’s really in love with.  Plus, he won’t even listen when she wants to tell him the truth about what she did!  As for Sami, she needs to come clean with what she did, even though we all know she won’t.  But she should for once play it smart and realize that someone sending her notes telling her she knows what she blackmailed Lexie into doing should be a red flag to tell the truth — fast.  Granted, the adulterous act by Austin and Carrie should lessen the blow when the secret comes out.

Abe/Lexie/Tek: Well, they were finally caught a month or so agree, and I was glad about it.  Abe declared their marriage over, but nearly relented.  Until he saw Tek comforting Lexie, that is.  (Ah, the convenient woman-being-comforted-by-the-wrong-man plot device.  How frustrating you are.)  As for Lexie on things unrelated to Abe and Tek, there are no words for how much of a coward she’s degenerated into.  Now that Sami has no ammo against her, she can easily — easily — blow her out of the water.  But she chooses not to because of some guy she hasn’t even met before threatening her over the phone?  (Or has she? . . .)  Give me a break.  Watching her just let the wrong people get married was beyond horrible and was basically the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to her.  Reilly singlehandedly ruined what respect I had left for Lexie Carver, and I don’t know if I can ever recover it.

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: Jack turned up alive and came back to Salem just in time to see his wife marrying another man.  Fast-forward a few weeks and now, he’s miraculously cured due to some wonder drug Frankie found out about.  Now, Jennifer’s still canoodling with Frankie while nursing Jack.  What the hell — ?!  The man is still your husband, Jennifer!  Not Frankie!  Oh, well.  With the news that both Matthew Ashford (Jack) and Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) are also getting their walking papers soon, I think we can expect to be seeing Jack and Jennifer leave Salem together.  Frankie?  I don’t know.  They’ll probably go ahead and put him with Billie after they’re gone (I’d rather have her with Patrick, but Reilly effectively ruined them this winter to make them spoilers for Bo and Hope, so I’ll have to deal with her with Frankie).

Max/Chelsea: Chelsea keeps getting worse and worse.  She’s meddling in Bo and Hope’s relationship one minute and leading Max on the next.  She won’t commit to him, the perfect guy, and just gets close to any guy she sees that’s not him.  Honestly, any chance Chelsea had at redemption went down the tubes months ago.  And with new girl Stephanie Johnson in town (more on her later), things just might be getting interesting here.

Bo/Hope/Patrick/Billie: So this quadrangle took a highly unlucky turn this summer — Hope learned she was pregnant.  Man, was I ever hoping the baby would be Bo’s, if only to draw him and Hope back together.  But no.  They had to go and make it Patrick’s to cause them more angst.  Bad move, Reilly.  On the upside, they finally have Bo looking the evidence Kate had stolen by Eve, the dirty cop.  Plus, next week, Bo finally wises up to Chelsea, as does Billie!  Good TV coming up, I hope!  Oh, but Hope’s pregnancy by Patrick . . .

New/Returning Characters: I’m thrilled by the additions and reintroductions of new and returning characters to the show.  First of all, I must say how pleased I am to be getting to know Steve (Patch) and Kayla and getting familiarized with their history.  I’d read about it on several Web sites and pages, but never got the feeling of how deep it was until watching it myself!  So much chemistry exists between Stephen Nichols (Steve) and Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), it’s just unbelievable!  I can see why they’re one of DAYS’s top supercouples!  They’re undeniably awesome!  On to their now-aged daughter, Stephanie.  An aspiring race car driver like Max, she’s a fiery little redhead that seems to possess qualities of both Steve and Kayla in her.  I like her and what she brings to the table.  Shayna Rose (Stephanie) was definitely the perfect choice the show made in casting the role.  She has a marvelous rapport with her on-screen parents that never abates (simply look back to Stephanie meeting Steve for the first time in years and you’ll see what I mean).  So points to Stephen, Mary Beth, Shayna, and especially the show!  Finally, the addition of new character E.J. Wells (played by James Scott, ex-Ethan, AMC) is a fresh change of pace.  He’s pretty mysterious as he seems to know Carrie, and he has ties to Stephanie, as well.  He has quite the chemistry with Alison Sweeney (Sami), and I think they’d make a great couple . . . is what I’d like to say, but apparently, viewers who read Soap Opera Digest have forgotten one thing about E.J.  If you don’t like spoilers, skip the sentence after this one and go right to the end.  According to James Scott, E.J. is supposed to be gay — the first gay man to be on the show in either a long time or the first one ever.  I hope they’ve scrapped that, though, as Sami needs some one to take her away from Kate’s sons.  She doesn’t deserve Austin and Lucas doesn’t deserve her anymore.

Final Thoughts: While DAYS has gotten somewhat better and more entertaining, I still can’t bring myself to write about this show anymore after this article because it hasn’t fully regained my interest in it.  But with James E. Reilly finally given the boot from the position of head writer and Hogan Sheffer, former head writer of ATWT, coming in, there may be hope for some faster, more compelling storylines (and maybe an Emmy or two) for DAYS.  Maybe, if the show picks up again, I’ll restart my column.  But maybe not.  If so, I look forward to writing for this site and hearing your opinions.  If not, then life goes on, and I wish you all well in your DAYS viewing experiences.  I hope Justin keeps you entertained with his articles, though.  He really does well, and I will continue writing to him with my own thoughts on occasion.  Thank you for reading, and thank you to the few of you who actually wrote in to me about my opinions.  Thank you, and . . . goodbye.

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you soon...... I hope!


Page updated 9/5/12

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