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2006 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 7/18/06 by Justin

The Gloved Hand

The gloved hand wanted the truth to come out about the paternity of the babies.  First, unknowingly to everyone this mysterious figure switched the eggs in order for the eggs to become fertilized by a different father.  Then, the eggs were switched back to the original position so right egg would be in the right mother.  Finally, this person switched the containers that the embryos were in to raise suspicion. 

This is a very calculating and manipulative individual or individuals.  I do not believe that this gloved person is working alone.  I think there is another individual who helps out.  If anyone out there watches the FX show Nip/Tuck you will remember that the Carver was a brother and sister duo.  It is just as likely that whoever this puzzling menace is has a partner in crime. 

The most popular speculation is demanding that E.J. Wells is behind the series of vicious manipulations.  The only problem with this is we have seen the gloved person while Sami was with E.J. 

Missy Reeves and Matt Ashford

Before I jump into the Jack, Jennifer, and Frankie situation let me express the sorrow I feel that is shared with many other Jack and Jennifer fans.  Missy Reeves who had announced a while back that she would not be renewing her contract is set to leave around September, or at least allegedly will be her last airing date.  It was announced last week that Matt Ashford, who play Jack was told that his services would no longer be required.  Reports from numerous articles and Internet site have stated that without Jennifer there is no reason for Jack to be around. 

I just don’t feel the same way the writers do when it comes to Jack.  Jack and Billie have always been close.  Jennifer at once time was jealous of Billie’s relationship with Jack.  The only way for Jack to move on with another woman would be for Jennifer to meet her untimely end.  This is a horrible thought I know, but it is a bigger disaster to lose both characters.  Remember soap characters are never truly dead, and as long as Jack and Abby are on the show Jennifer could always return.  If that family becomes stagnate too long it makes it harder to bring them back. 

Many people including myself believed that Jennifer would just be recast with another actress.  Unfortunately, due to the lack of success of Stephanie Cameron portrayal of Jennifer the only actress who fits the bill of Jennifer Rose is Melissa Reeves.  Soap fans are extremely loyal to the actors they love, as well as the characters they play.  When a recast occurs and fans do not relate to the actor the show suffers.  There are some characters that should never be recast and ultimately it appears that Jennifer is only Jennifer when it is Melissa Reeves portraying her. 

Jennifer’s Triangle

That has to be a very tough position to be in.  Imagine having your husband in a hospital who seems to be responding to the experimental drugs, and your other “husband” waiting outside as his life is slowly crumbling.  I have always like Jennifer and Frankie together, but I loved Jack and Jen’s love story. Jack and Jen have been together for most of the years I have been watching the show, and it is really difficult for me to decide which of these two men is better suited for Jennifer.  Jennifer may need to listen to Olivia Newton-John’s controversial song “Culture Shock” that may solve her problems.

The Implanted Embryos

This is the beginning of the reunion of Shawn and Belle.  Once Belle and Shawn learn that Clair is their daughter and not Philip’s, and fathom the issue that they once again will have a child together there will be not stopping them from reuniting.   The only thing I hate about this is the fact that Philip will be devastated.  Mimi, as much as I like her even though she kept horrible lies, I will feel bad for her but not like Philip.  Philip can be jealous and sometimes hot headed doesn’t deserve to go through the explosion that will soon occur.  He truly loves Belle and believed that Belle loved him how a wife should love a husband. 

Mimi and Philip’s embryo will most likely not stick, which is a shame because think of the struggles Mimi would go through raising a baby as a single mother.  I am sure Philip and Victor would take care of her but she wouldn’t have Shawn.


Sami isn’t saved after all.  The gloved man kept Lexie from dispersing Sami’s secrets, but now he or she is threatening to expose Sami.  I like the roller coaster of suspense that goes with Sami.  Just when Sami is ready to relax and enjoy her glory that she has Austin and Carrie married Lucas someone has to interrupt her savory moment. 

It is great that Sami is opening up to E.J. about the note.  I just fear that she will be burned by E.J. down the road.  Sami isn’t one to open up to anyone but there is a certain flare between E.J. and Sami that is refreshing.  These two getting closer is showing a more human side to Sami that we haven’t seen in a long time. I miss the days when Sami had Jamie or Lucas to talk to and help her in her schemes.  Sami needs a partner in crime.

Max, Chelsea, and Stephanie

Max and Chelsea’s on again, and off again relationship is becoming dull.  Chelsea despite the many tragedies in her life is still the spoiled self-centered brat she has always been.  Chelsea ran over her brother, manipulated Bo and Hope’s marriage, and just barely escaped jail time.  You would think she would have more respect for her freedom and other people, but she doesn’t. Instead, she is flirting with other men, drinking up a storm, and treating Max like crap.  Max needs to toss her to the curb because he deserves and can do much better. Chelsea is still a little girl and needs to grow up.

Stephanie I am undecided about at the moment.  She seems to be happy and full of life, and in a word I guess we could consider her personality to be perky.  We don’t have a perky character presently in Salem so we just have to see how she plays out.  On the issue of Max and Stephanie I guess we will just have to wait and see.  Stephanie does tough remind me a lot of Lindsay Lohan in the recent movie “Herbie Fully Loaded” coincidence?

The Fire

On Lucas and Carrie’s wedding night the curtains caught on fire while they slept, which prompted Austin, Sami, and E.J. to rescue them.  The one issue I had with the rescue scene was the fact that Austin just took Carrie outside the apartment, which was fine to make sure she was breathing.  Once she was breathing why didn’t he take her outside where the air would be less smoky?  Logically the smoke would be filling up the hallway and with Carrie being “pregnant” the more smokeless air in her lungs the better.

This fire served one big purpose.  That Austin is still in love with Carrie, and Sami still loves Lucas.  I am sure it comes to no shock to us but it is the panic and terror in Sami’s voice when she realized Lucas was still in the apartment.  Maybe Sami and Lucas should be together after all?

Kayla and Steve/Nick

This story is progressing rather slowly at the moment but I hear that it will intensify as the next few weeks play out.  I really like watching these two characters but lets get the ball rolling please.  At least have Steve get a few flashes of his memory at least.  I know I know it is the calm before the storm. 

Hey it’s just what I think!


A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference!

Page updated 9/4/12

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