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2006 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 6/30/06 by Justin

Wow, so much has happened since my last opinion article that it is difficult to find a place to begin.  First, let me apologizes to all of you out there who enjoy reading my opinions.  Sometimes life just throws too many obstacles at a person and they just overwhelmed with things to do that certain hobbies get pushed on the backburner for a little while.  But it is safe for me to say that I will be writing more articles, and hopefully they will be weekly.

Alex North

Alex, I wish I could say that I have enjoyed seeing you this time around but I cannot. It is very ironic though that he fell off the cliff because that is how Wayne Northrop left the show many years ago when he was Roman. The only good thing about Wayne coming back on the show was seeing him and being reminded of a time when Days was at the top of its game. I always enjoy seeing faces from the past return to the present. But could he really be gone?

Frankie and Jennifer

I do agree with Abby that Jen was moving a bit fast with Frankie.  It doesn’t seem as if too much time has past since Jack’s “death” and no she shouldn’t mourn Jack the rest of her life.  I just think Frankie and Jennifer could have waited a little while before deciding to get married.

I have to say that Frankie was handling himself very well considering the fact that his new bride’s dead husband came back from the dead.  Just imagine loving this woman your entire life, and then the opportunity comes when you can be with her just but something like this happens.  I really like Frankie and I do feel badly for him in this situation. He is such a wonderful guy, Jennifer is very lucky to have him.

Moving on to Jennifer.  First, let me say how phenomenal Missy Reeves is as an actress.  The way she portrayed Jennifer when Jack returned was outstanding.  She was so happy to see him and was able to capture the love, joy, and pain Jennifer was experiencing.  I just hate the fact that Missy could be leaving when her contract is up later this year.  I do enjoy Blue Country’s music so if she is leaving to support her husband music career then I guess it’s not a bad thing!

I was a little surprised by Jennifer’s actions.  I figured that she would be so happy to see Jack that it wouldn’t have mattered that Jack had been alive this entire time.  When Jennifer started to yell at Jack in the church for more or less stalking them I was shocked a little.  That is what made it so realistic was the way Jennifer was so honest with her feelings.  Most people would have been so glad to have their “dead” spouse back in their arms again that at first they wouldn’t say those things.

The other line that I loved when Jennifer said to Jack was the fact that there was a wonderful guy downstairs who is devastated on his wedding day. This was great for the fact that you now know Jennifer is in love with two men.  Even though she loves them differently she will not want to hurt either of them.


Chelsea really lucked out this time around thanks to grandmamma Kate and a crooked cop.  At first I was thinking good for Kate to help her granddaughter out of her jam.  Even though Chelsea is and was irresponsible and caused Zack’s death she truly did not deserve to go to jail, because she never meant to run him over. This would be a different situation if she purposely wanted him dead.

The community service and the loss of her license I completely agree with until she showed up to Jennifer and Frankie’s part drunk.  Did Chelsea not learn anything?  Yes, it was fine to go and celebrate your victory, but to show up especially around Hope drunk was a very stupid move. 

When Chelsea answered the phone and found out that Jack and Steve were alive and basically hung up on them I would have done the same thing.  Come on, there are sick people out in the world that would get their kicks to play sick jokes like that.  So that time I do think Chelsea did the right thing.  The only thing she could have done differently would be to tell Billie or Bo about the call.

Marlena and John

Marlena’s memory of her miscarriage was very emotional to watch.  Even though we all had a chance to put the miscarriage out of our minds to watch Marlena grieve over her loss was a great way to bring our beloved heroine back into out hearts.  The only thing I fear with this is the bond that Marlena and Roman will share. For right now though, John and Marlena are happy and we will see them back in July sometime hopefully with a terrific story in store for them.


What do I make of him? Many people have asked me.  My first thought was that he was brought here by Kate to trick Sami away from Austin.  This isn’t the case though, I don’t necessarily trust this character as of yet, but do think him and Sami have a little something something between them.  This is a good thing because of Lexie’s situation poor Sami will need someone to turn to, and I bet it will be E.J.

Mimi and Shawn

Mimi is one of my favorite newer characters.  From the moment she and Belle were shown as teenagers I thought what a great actress and good character.  Well, the actress part is still true but the character part is in the crapper.   If Mimi had been honest about the abortion and Clair’s paternity she would be the best woman for Shawn.  She is deliberately keeping the secret about Clair’s real father from everyone.  My opinion of her will remain low until she reveals the truth, and then I hope that all will be forgiven and she will start to rebuild her life as the Mimi she once was.

It was really dumb of the surrogate woman to go drinking at the Brady Pub.  Did she not put two and two together and realize the Pub she was at had the same last name of the couple she wanted to be hired by?  So will this mean Belle will fill and get the opportunity to carry Shawn’s baby?  Remember she did tell Shawn that she wanted to carry his children was that a little foreshadowing?

Now Shawn and Mimi’s marriage is slowly destruction because of Shawn’s comment about losing the love of his life.  That is a horrible thing to say whether or not you expected Mimi to hear that.  That has to be a punch in the gut to hear your spouse say those words.


Jealous Philip is resurfacing, and I like that.  Philip in his teenage years was very jealous and controlling of Chloe Lane.  It will be great to watch Philip be the same way with Belle.  I guess coming up Philip tells Shawn to stay away from his wife.  Well, at least Philip is starting to realize just how much Shawn and Belle belong together (even though I don’t agree).

Bo and Hope

It is so strange to see Bo and Hope fighting the way, and the reason is Chelsea.  I can’t believe that neither Bo nor Hope has figured out that the e-mails that they read were different.  Hope keeps talking about being a detective and knowing when someone is lying but is unable to figure out that the e-mails were tampered with.  Anther thing that bugs me about Hope right now is the fact that she believes that Bo would steal evidence.  Hope should know Bo wouldn’t do that. Hopefully, this situation gets settled before the divorce goes through.

Now, Hope finds out that she is pregnant.  Is the father Bo or Patrick?  Bo and Hope fans lucked out last time she was pregnant.  If you remember when she was pregnant with Zack there was speculation if the baby would be John’s or Stefano’s.  In the end the fans won and a recreated flashback showed Bo as a mime making love to Hope/Princess Gina. This time around I do not feel the fans will be so lucky.  Be prepared Bo I believe the father will be Patrick.  This then will cause more of a triangle or a quadrangle because Billie will be thrown into the mix.

Patch and Kayla

It is great to see these two back on the show.  I can remember them on many years ago and really liked them.  Now that I am older hopefully they can live up to the legend that has been made about them in my mind.  The cool thing is that they look just as they did back then.  I cannot wait for the reunion of these two because it has been a very long time.  All we need is Kimberly and Shane to come back to Salem and it will be just like I remember.

I will say that I am enjoying the flashbacks because I was young when they were popular and do not remember all of the scenes they are replaying. Maybe the Soap Network will play some classic Patch and Kayla shows to allow the newer fans or the ones who forgets to experience their greatness.


Oh did Lexie receive the shock of her life when Abe walked in on her and Tek having a party for two.  As much as Lexie deserves what is coming to her.  I still feel a little sorry for her and Abe, more so for Abe.  Ever since Abe came back from the island he has been pushing Lexie away, and Tek has been saying all the right things for her to turn to him.  I am not saying that what Lexie has been doing is because Abe pushed her away but in a way it is. Plus, Lexie was seeing Tek when Abe was dead so it would be hard to just turn off her feelings for him. If she just would have been honest from the beginning she wouldn’t be in the mess she is in.


I was anxiously awaiting Lexie to blow Sami out of the water, but with this mysterious gloved-handed figure I was relieved to know that Sami survived another day.  That is a good thing about Sami she never gives up hope that things will go her way even when she is on the verge of losing.  Even though I don’t want Sami to end up with Austin or Lucas I still hate to see Sami exposed.

Many years ago I would say I honestly hated Sami.  I love the actress but the character did many vicious things.  Now, Sami is my second favorite character on Days of our Lives, and I find myself rooting for her and her schemes.  I don’t know if many of the other viewers are feeling the same way or not, but I hate when Sami gets caught.

The Mysterious Figure

Who is this person?  Why is this person allowing Sami to keep lying?  There have been a few speculations about who this person can be.  First, many have speculated that it is Celeste.  This would be wonderful because it would give Celeste a wonderful story: however, Celeste loves her daughter and wouldn’t do that to her. Another possibility is E.J. but this was quickly dismissed because the gloved hand was shown during the time E.J. and Sami were dancing the tango on the pier.  Who than could this mysterious figure be?  My guess is a Dimera, maybe not Stefano but someone in that family.

Hey it’s only what I think!

A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference!

Page updated 9/4/12

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