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2006 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 4/24/06 by Justin

General Comments

Right now Days is slowly progressing to better stories. With the anticipation of three old fan-favorite characters returning I can only see dramatic improvements in the shows future. The show is starting to become captivating once again. It still lacks that soap opera addiction that is a vital component to encourage viewers to keep tuning in daily to see what happens.

Patch and Kayla

I am so excited that Patch and Kayla are returning to Days of our Lives. I can remember watching them may years ago and just loved them. The rumors are that Jack’s return will most likely be linked with Kayla and I think that would be accurate since they did have a past together. The other speculation is that Patrick’s beloved Alma could be with Patch?
For those of you out there who are unfamiliar with Patch and Kayla. Kayla is a Brady. She is the sister to Roman, Kimberly, and Bo. Patch’s name is Steve Johnson. Jo who is Jack’s mother is Patch’s mother. The last time we saw Patch was at his “funeral” and his coffin was mysteriously switched. Kayla hung around Salem just a little while longer and left with her daughter Stephanie and we haven’t seen them since. If you get the chance to check out the Patch and Kayla past story do so, they had some great stories in the past.


Kate has really reached a new low, and that is pretty sad. Here is Chelsea trying to make a mends for every wrong thing she has ever done to Bo and Hope and Kate is telling her it is a mistake. Kate even had the nerve to tell Chelsea that she is very disappointed in her for wanting to tell the truth and that she is not the granddaughter she thought she was.
Something needs to be done with Kate before all the viewers send in their dental bills from grinding their teeth watching her. Even if Kate is able to convince Chelsea to not say a word I hope that Billie or Frankie tells Bo everything they know.


Good for Lexie for standing up to Sami and not allowing herself to become blackmailed any more. I just hope Lexie quickly follows through with her promises. Once she tells Abe she was sleeping with Tek, Marlena can be saved, and Carrie can be with Austin. The one fatal mistake Lexie made was telling Sami and Alex what she was going to do. First, Lexie needed to go straight to Abe tell him about her infidelity. Next she should have talked to John so he could get Marlena away from Alex North. Then, told Carrie the truth about Sami and her latest lies. Then told Sami and Alex that everything is out in the open and they are exposed for the demons they truly are.


Still speaking about Lexie I am terribly disappointed that Sami is going along with Alex’s plan at the moment. This is too evil even for Sami. Sami has never been a murderer nor has she allowed people to get hurt like this. Sami’s lies always hurts people but never at this magnitude. Sami is a liar, she is very manipulative, and very selfish but I believe that Sami is a good person she just doesn’t know how to be a good person.


The writers have waited entirely too long for this story to make any sense. If this had occurred when he first arrived then I would have believed it. Patrick has wanted to be with Billie, Jennifer, and even Hope. For a supposed one-woman man he sure didn’t portray the grieving boyfriend pining over a dead love when he first came to Salem.

Mimi and Belle

Mimi needs to tell Shawn, Belle, and Philip the truth. That is the only way to turn her character around. Once she comes clean I would like Shawn and Mimi to stay together but doesn’t look too hopeful. The only ounce of hope I cling to for Mimi is that she did write Shawn the letter confessing everything to him before they were married. Yes, Mimi should have tried harder to tell Shawn the truth but Shawn should have read the letter. Maybe that will save her in Shawn’s eyes.

The one person who may be hurt the most when this is all said and done will be Philip. I say may for the fact the he could know that Belle loves and wants to be with Shawn and if that is the case I will have no sympathy for him losing her if he has been playing dumb this entire time. Remember Jan did send that e-mail and Philip has been home long enough to check his e-mail unless his account was deactivated. Anyways if Philip is unaware of everything going on his so-called friends keeping all these secrets from him will be devastating.


I do like how Bonnie thought to herself while listening to Sami’s advice to Belle that it would be the same advice she’d giver her sister. Since it is Bonnie’s daughter Sami needed to shut her mouth. That was a nice touch to Bonnie’s character. Bonnie, Kate, and Sami are all alike that is probably why they do not care for one another. Bonnie is not that bad of character. I do enjoy watching her!


What is Eugenia’s problem with Sami? Eugenia got her revenge on her. Sami lost Lucas and was alienated from most of Salem. Eugenia as far as we know has bounced back and is not very successful working at Titan. Eugenia your and Kate’s plan worked to destroy Sami now let it rest. Move on with your life and just get over it. Eugenia is a great character and she has a lot of potential to become better as long as she moves on past Sami.


I wonder if Abe suspects that Lexie has been unfaithful to him? It sort of seems like he is purposely trying to push her away from him. Like Lexie said there is more than just sex to be intimate with each other. Abe just dose not seem interested in being close with Lexie anymore. There must be something else going on other than his inability to perform. The comment about being like brother and sister was kind of gross. Right before he said that comment they were intently kissing one another. How many brothers and sisters do that? (It’s only a rhetorical question no need for reply!)


If think we are going to have a very great Marlena and John story this summer. With Alex on the edge of taking Marlena away it is seemingly going to turn into a Marlena kidnapping story, which is always excellent to watch in the summer. I can’t wait for Alex to stop giving her the drugs and her memory permanently returning. I want to see how Marlena is going to handle herself with this demented doctor.

Hey it’s just what I think!


As always a face can launch a thousand ships but one voice can make a difference!

Page updated 9/4/12

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