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2006 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 4/20/06 by Justin

Hello everyone. I hope Days is enjoyable currently for you. I know it is starting to get interesting for me again. Sorry that it has been a long time since my last article but I should be able to have more regular article from now on. My schedule is beginning to lighten up a bit, which allows me to watch more Days of our Lives.


I hope for everyoneís sake that Chelsea is turning over a new leaf. Fans absolutely do not care for Chelsea so Days needs to find some way to turn that character into a positive character that fans will like. Otherwise there is no point of having her be Bo and Billieís daughter at all, if she will always be hated. Chelsea is bad like Sami. Many viewers like Sami for her wicked ways; whereas, most people despise Chelsea. I will say that Chelsea is very entertaining. From the moment that she arrived in Salem it has always been something with her and Kateís influence is not helping anyone.


I go through a roller coaster ride about Kate. There are times that I understand Kateís motives, even if I do not agree with them. Other times I want to throw something at the television just because she is a witch. Lately though, Kate is just up in everyoneís business, and it is starting to get on my nerves. There is that old saying you become involved in other peopleís business when nothing is going on with you. Maybe Kate needs to take up a hobby (besides her children) or find a man so she will leave everyone else alone.

The scene when Kate and Sami were fighting about Austin was great. It was priceless when she fainted when Austin asked Sami to date him again. Kate just needs to but out.


I will admit when Sami blackmails someone it usually leads to a great story. Now that she is blackmailing Lexie I just love it. But I hate the fact that the truth will come out and once again Sami will be the villain because Austin will turn his back to her again. I like Sami and Austin together because it is like the underdog is finally getting the prize. I just wish that Sami would lie and cheat to get her way. The conniving and cheating could lead to a Sami and Lucas reunion, which I hope doesnít occur. Sami can do better than Lucas.
One day Sami will be the Stefano of the show I bet. Watch she will never be married or at least have it last become bitter and will hate everyone. That might be kind of interesting to watch.


Someone needs to slap Hope. How on earth can she believe that Bo wants a divorce from her? She is the one that ran away, she is the one that stated she wanted the divorce. What does Hope want Bo to do? If she cannot get over what Chelsea did, then how can they have a successful marriage? Chelsea is Boís daughter and will be a part of their lives. Yes it is horrible that Zack was killed but I hate the fact that Hope doesnít understand that Chelsea truly did not mean to kill him. It would be one thing if Chelsea purposely wanted to run him down but it didnít happen like that at all.
The whole kissing Patrick while thinking of Bo is ridiculous. What is even worse is that it keeps occurring. Once fine it happened, I am sorry letís forget about it and move on is what should have occurred. But come on, when it keeps happening one may wonder who is really at fault Hope or Patrick. I donít hear Patrick complaining that Hope keeps kissing him. If a person keeps kissing you and you donít want it to occur then do something about it. Set some rules that you are not to be in bed with me while Iím sleeping!


The rumors are circulating that Missy Reeves will be leaving the show pretty soon. This is a depressing rumor because I have always liked the character of Jennifer. And even though it is logical that they will do a recast since Jack is returning, recasts never hold a candle to the original creator usually. If they do recast Jennifer I hope they get the actress that played Jennifer before, because she did an excellent job back then.


I like the direction of Lexie story. A breast cancer story is realistic and Iím glad it seems like a possibility right now. It always seems that when Days does a more realistic story they do better, than the far-fetched stories of brain washing and such. We just need Lexie and Abe to become a solid couple again and get rid of Tek, let mama Celeste take care of him.


She has her memory back, no wait, she doesnít. This is really beginning to annoy me. Please wrap this up as soon as possible so Days is Days once again. The ratings are the lowest I have ever seen, and these types of stories are not helping at all. The show needs to revamp all the current stories except for Lexieís potential breast cancer because I believe that is a great story. Letís make Days the powerhouse it was in the eighties and nineties.


Carrie is my biggest complaint right now. She never really says anything she just stands there smiling and nodding. Now she is choosing a man she doesnít love just for the fact that her genetic markers and Austinís marker can cause genetic defects in their children. Well, why not get a second opinion? Why not discuss this with Austin? Lastly, why is she settling for Lucas? Even if her and Austin didnít get back together I am sure there are other men in Salem that would love to get to know Carrie. Where is the Carrie that we used to watch a few years ago? This is not our Carrie! Carrie would never settle for a relation like she is with Lucas.

Hey itís just what I think!


Page updated 9/4/12

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