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2006 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Iím finally all caught up on my comments, but unfortunately, I didnít get to watch much this week.  This column will be based on what I did get to see.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi/Bonnie: Now that Shawn and Mimiís wedding is moving ever-so-closer, Belleís realized her true feelings for Shawn more than ever and now wants to do whatever she can to stop the whole thing from happening.  She has grown so self-centered, itís unbelievable.  No wonder so many people canít stand her anymore ó I canít stand her now.  Meanwhile, Mimiís so guilt-ridden regarding Claireís true paternity that sheís written a letter to tell Shawn the truth.  Is that the letter he found on Fridayís episode?  Frankly, I hope so.  Oh, and Philip just continues to be blind to whatís going on in front of him.  Nothing new there.

John/Marlena/Alex: You go, John!  Way to bust Alex up in the morgue!  Everyone who knew Alex was no good was absolutely right all along!  He plans to kill Marlena!  For what, though?  I have no clue.  Apparently, he was very abusive to her and that brought on her hysterical amnesia, not the grief over him dying in a war.  It is just way too bad that no one was around when he confessed all, because when Abe came in to intervene, it was Alexís word against Johnís.  Sucks, doesnít it?  But I think weíre finally seeing a hint of movement now that John knows for certain that Alex is a bad guy.  And in no time, I think the whole town will know ó except for Marlena, Alexís sole cheerleader, of course.

Austin/Sami/Lucas/Carrie: I actually managed to watch their scenes this week and I must say that was quite vindictive of Sami to get Austin to Chez Rouge based on the message she found on Willís cell phone.  And while I donít really mind seeing Sami hanging around with Austin, I donít think I can stomach Carrie with Lucas.  On the plus side, it was good seeing the lovely, if also slightly vindictive herself, Eugenia Willens this week.

Abe/Lexie/Tek: More of Abe pushing Lexie away, more Lexie being hounded by Tek, and . . . more of Lexie cheating on Abe with Tek.  Old news.  Moving on.

Bo/Hope/Chelsea/Patrick/Billie: Hope and Patrick have left town on the same flight, neither knowing the other is close by until arriving in the same island house.  Meanwhile, Billie is left having to watch after Bo when ever he screws up.  I hate all this.  I really do.  But I saw something from all four of them that makes me realize that hope springs eternal for the Bope and Pillie reunions I really want to see happen in the future.  Hope, despite her anger at Bo, still has him on the brain, and vice versa, minus the anger.  Likewise, Billie, despite her anger at Patrick and even breaking up with him for spilling the beans about what Chelsea did, still has him on the brain (I LOVED the sizzling scene of them playing strip poker and segueing into hot sex on Patrickís couch!), and vice versa, minus the anger.  So again, maybe a Bope reunion and a Pillie reunion are in the cards somewhere down the road.  In the meantime, we have the quadrangle involving the four of them to deal with when we didnít even want it in the first place.  But on the more positive side, how great was it when both Patrick and Shawn saw Chelsea for who she really was and the former helped Billie to finally see it, too?  Billie really read Chelsea out for her manipulative, selfish nature, and I was cheering her on (silently ó my college roommates think I am a little weird to be watching daytime soaps).  I hope Billie regrets finding Chelsea because the girl is nothing but trouble.

Readerís Feedback: ďWhat the hell DAYS is doing?  They seem to shove that slut and whore [Chelsea] down our throats and make us think that we should forgive that bitch for killing Zack.  I don't think so.  The writers are making her the next Sami.  [The viewers and I] ain't buying it.  [Alison Sweeney] and Sami is a love-to-hate character that you love to hate, but love how she [manipulates] and [schemes] to get what she wants.  Ali has something the people love about her and make the character hated, but love to.  Not Chelsea.  The actress is bad and the character is so hated that nobody is not caring about this person.  I think JERk is dividing and destroying the very fabric of the show that was made famous.   I wish Hope would come back and destroy Chelsea and her parents for killing her son.  And if anyone got in her way, she would crush them like the little bugs that they are.  The show is going downhill again.  No wonder the show didnít wow the Emmys because it is not what it is used to be.  I used to be a avid fan of days.  Now, I donít watch it when it comes on anymore.  The [storylines] drag on and on, and the characters are dumbed down or have slutted their way through town ó itís getting ridiculous.  The ratings are going to go to the toilet before they realize what needs to be changed.Ē  Thanks, Reggie Smith!  Nice to hear from you again!

And thatís just whatís on my mind!

To let me know whatís on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


Page updated 9/4/12

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