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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2006 Our Opinion!

2/28/06 by Justin

Currently it is challenging to watch Days with my school schedule and the fact that the show isnít really that good presently and I hate to say that. I am such a huge fan of the show, and either the show isnít as captivating as it once was, or my taste is slowly changing. I hope the latter part isnít true because if I stop watching Days it will be like an end of an era for me. I have watched these characters since the late eighties. But with every down there comes an up so hopefully the up is coming very soon.


I cannot believe that Bonnie faked a heart attack just to keep Mimi from telling the truth about Clairís paternity. Well I guess I can believe it because Bonnie is such a wacky character. But I do hate what this secrecy is doing to Mimi. Mimi needs to just tell Shawn the truth and let the chips fall as they may. She knows that she has to tell him the truth, so do it already.


I was shocked that Belle told Shawn that they could be together. She is committed to Philip, and she chose to marry him. Getting married is a big deal whether it is fiction or not. Who is to say that she and Shawn get back together and she starts to wonder if she made a mistake by not staying with Philip. Belle has become so wishy-washy lately. Where is the strong independent Belle at that we used to love to watch? Why when an actor is recast that the character seems to change as well, and I donít mean physically. I mean the entire personality seems to change and that shouldnít happen!


Please let her memory come back soon. This story is getting old quickly. The ratings are currently as someone stated in the toilet so whatever Days thought it was going to do with the character of Alex it isnít working. Letís try a different approach now before the show is driven into a coffin.


Calliope was so refreshing to watch. In a time when the show is slipping from the greatness is once was it is great to see a face from the past that reminds us why we watched the show to begin with. I hope she sticks around for a little while we need her.


I have received some very passionate e-mails about how horrible Chelsea is currently. I do agree that she is a selfish little brat but this is the only story right now that is any good to watch. I wish the story was slightly different but in any case if we didnít have this particular story at the moment the show would not be worth a dime to watch. I am though getting angry with Billie for reverting back to her selfish self. I though Billie grew up so I guess as the saying goes like mother like daughter.


I am disappointed on the lack of story Nicole had to exit with. I did like the fact that Roman and her hooked up but it ended with that. We didnít get any closure so I guess that means the role will be recast sooner or later which wonít be the same but when has it stopped the show before.

Hope and Patrick

Please lets not go there. Many people believe that this could be a temporary new pairing, that is until Bo and Hope patch things up. I understand why Hope is angry with Bo but lets not make the situation any more complicated by throwing Patrick into the mix. Many rumors has spread that Hope will become pregnant, and the father will be Patrick. Let us hope that doesnít come true.


Good Bye Lois! I wish I could say that I enjoyed watching you but I didnít. I hate the fact that Alex killed you but that is a sign to me that the end of Alex will be drawing near so the death of Lois is a good thing.


Now that Abe has is sight back will he stay blind to Lexie and Tek? I would just like for someone to smack Lexie and knock some sense into her. If you donít want Tek then donít let him kiss you. Donít let him touch you. Donít let yourself be alone with him! Since John and Marlena split and now Bo and Hope. I donít think the fans could handle another major soap break up right now. It would just be too stressful to handle.

Jen and Frankie

I loved the kiss that they shared and the chemistry that is lingering around after all of these years. Just watching them together is worth tuning in for. To be honest Iím going to be a little scandalous and say let Jen and Frankie stay together and when Jack comes back pair him with Billie or someone else.

Hey itís just what I think!


As always a face can launch a thousand ships but one voice can make a difference.

Page updated 9/4/12

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