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2006 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Iíve got three weeksí worth of material to write about.  This is the third of the three weeks.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi/Bonnie: Now, please note that I didnít watch this week.  I could only keep up through recaps.  But from what Iíve read, thereís been, unsurprisingly, no major movement.  But we did get Shawn telling Belle that they canít be together again because Belleís married and now has a family (with the daughter he doesnít know is his) and heís marrying Mimi.  Now, of course, Belle is not at all willing to give up trying to get Shawn back now that she knows she still loves him.  Which . . . no.  No, this is getting close to the last straw.  When Kirsten Storms was playing Belle, she was sweet and considerate to others.  No offense at all to Martha Madison, but since she started playing Belle, sheís gradually become so unbelievably selfish!  Iím almost tired of seeing her on my screen now!  But on the good front, fans did get to see a long-time favorite return ó Calliope Jones Bradford.  (Now, I never watched the show during her run on the show, so I donít know a lot about her.  Just that she married Eugene Bradford.)  During her years away, she apparently became a wedding planner and will now be planning Shawn and Mimiís wedding.  Itíll be interesting to see what made Calliope so much fun to watch in the coming weeks.

John/Marlena/Alex: Well, John got arrested for Loisís murder, but Kate got him bailed out (right?) in no time.  Now, heís more determined than over to keep Marlena safe from Alex, whose true colors were finally revealed to one and all when he visited Loisís body in the morgue on Fridayís episode.  I hope TPTB have chosen the direction they want to take with Alex and stick with it this time.  Iím so over the confusion of what kind of man heís supposed to be.  Meanwhile, Marlena?  Hi?  Stop believing everything this man tells you!  Youíre not some stupid woman just because youíve got amnesia!  Youíre intelligent and intuitive and a lot classier than this jerk!

Austin/Sami/Lucas/Carrie: Again, I was so disgusted with Lucas that I fast-forwarded through every one of their scenes this week.

Abe/Lexie/Tek: Basically, the same thing happened ó Tekís still pursuing Lexie because of Abeís impotency and Lexieís trying to avoid him with almost zero success.  Abe, meanwhile, is suspicious that somethingís going on (and is absolutely right).  He wonít be so happy when he finally finds out whatís been going on between them.  If he ever does.

Bo/Hope/Chelsea/Patrick/Billie: Well, just as I thought Billie would have a backbone and flat-out tell Chelsea NO when it came to her idea to break up Bo and Hope, she showed she was completely spineless.  Her old feelings for Bo returned to her again and, as soon as a drunken Bo had passed out, she got in bed with him ó naked ó at the hotel she checked him in and made sure Hope (whose arrival had been alerted to by Chelsea) saw them.  Jennifer, too, if Iím not mistaken.  Whatís worse, Hope wants to leave town to get away from Bo.  Well, thatís not the bad part.  The bad part is that Patrick, feeling that nothingís left for him in Salem now that he and Billie are finished (Iím crossing my fingers and hoping itís just for now), has also decided to leave town.  Both he and Hope are coincidentally heading for the same place, and Chelsea wants to take full advantage of that ó by making sure they get together!  So, at last, the quadrangle fans wanted to avoid has instead been set in motion by Chelsea (and by JERk) ó the Bo/Hope/Patrick/Billie quadrangle.  As soon as Chelsea wanted all this, I lost the very last shread of respect I ever had left for her.  For all I care, she can go to hell!  (No offense to Rachel Melvin.  She is doing a fabulous job playing her!)

And thatís just whatís on my mind!

To let me know whatís on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


Page updated 9/4/12

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