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2006 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

I’ve got three weeks’ worth of material to write about.  This is the second of the three weeks.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi/Bonnie: So now Mimi knows the truth about Bonnie’s “heart attack” and is once again ready to tell Shawn the truth about Claire.  In no time at all, Bonnie was able to guilt Mimi into keeping quiet.  But it’s obviously not going to last long.  In fact, I actually thought that Mimi had truly come out and said it this week, explaining everything thoroughly.  It was Shawn and Belle’s insensitive reactions to the whole thing that tipped me off that she was having a nightmare about telling the truth.  It almost became a nightmare come true as she overheard Belle tell Shawn she still loves him.  But Mimi must be relieved that Shawn doesn’t feel the same way anymore.  Let’s see if he still doesn’t when the truth about Claire comes about, though.

John/Marlena/Alex: Like I said in the previous column, using the truth serum on Lois was a clever move, as John was able to get everything out of Lois.  Alex is trying to kill Marlena!  But before John could get Marlena so that Lois could tell her everything she’d told him, they came back to find her hanging in her padded cell, all courtesy of Alex (who’d unfortunately heard the whole thing from a secret observation room).  Marlena then proceeded to return to stupid mode, turning back into Alex’s sole (now that Lois is dead) cheerleader.  At least I got to see one of her trademark freakouts when they found her hanging.  John, you should’ve taped Lois’s confession and played it for Marlena, and you would’ve had a fighting chance.  Now, he’s been fingered for killing Lois when she was really trying to point at him for a different thing.  (Didn’t catch it.  What was it?)

Austin/Sami/Lucas/Carrie: I’m so disgusted with Lucas that I fast-forwarded through all of their scenes this week.

Abe/Lexie/Tek: Because I forgot to include them in my previous column, I will incorporate the previous week into this week’s column, as well.  It seems now that Abe finally has his eyesight back after getting a corneal transplant.  But it was really saddening to find out that he got the corneas from their ex-son Isaac (known to all as the late Zack).  But despite the happy occasion of him getting his sight back, he still has his other problem — his impotency.  And it’s a problem Tek is once again all too ready to take advantage of in winning Lexie back.  Lexie is, so far, doing a decent job of trying to fight off his advances (only failing in that she let Tek give her a kiss a two), but I wonder how much longer she can hold out.  In other news, it was nice seeing both of them (Abe and Lexie) try to steer Marlena away from Alex, even if neither was successful.  As for Tek, Lexie is married, so he should just leave her alone.  Except . . . he does have that reputation of stealing married men’s wives and then dumping them soon after.

Bo/Hope/Chelsea/Patrick/Billie: And finally, we have our big storyline.  The unthinkable has happened.  Bo’s incessant defense of Chelsea (this time getting her bailed out of jail before she was even put in) got him on the ropes with Hope but good.  She kicked him out of the house!  And frankly, I don’t blame her, and was a much bigger bitch than I would’ve been.  I would’ve made him sleep on the couch.  Meanwhile, Billie is still unwilling to take Patrick back because he did the right thing where she did the wrong thing.  And now, she’s stuck listening to Chelsea go on and on about keeping Bo and Hope from getting back together because they’d put up a united front against her.  While that’s almost certainly true, it’s no reason to scheme to keep them apart — and plot for her parents’ reunion.  Billie even said as much, so good for her!  Chelsea’s becoming like more like her Grandma Kate now — and I don’t like it one bit!

Miscellaneous: How nice was it to hear Victor tell Kate, who was, without a doubt, relishing in Bo and Hope’s marital problems, that he’d make her pay if she did anything to try and come between them?  I liked hearing every word come out of his mouth!

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


Page updated 9/4/12

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