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2006 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

I’ve got three weeks’ worth of material to write about.  This is the first of the three weeks.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi/Bonnie: I really thought Bonnie was funny in those scenes of her faking her heart attack.  But using it to delay Mimi from telling Shawn the truth about Claire?  Not so much.  Like I said previously, it’s good that she’s trying to ensure her daughter’s happiness.  However, what I didn’t say previously is that I she’s going about it the wrong way.  Did either she or Mimi (now that she knows) ever stop and think that Shawn may decide to be a father to Claire but still be with Mimi?  Evidently not.  Oh, and Belle and Philip?  Still boring.  Still unfit.  Still waiting for them to split.  (Hey, that rhymes!)

John/Marlena/Alex: The only thing I will comment on here is that I’m glad to see John thinking smart.  As in ISA-smart.  Using his connections to get some truth serum for Lois was definitely an intelligent move on his part.  Now, here’s to hoping something good comes out of it (more on that in the next column).

Austin/Sami/Lucas/Carrie: Big yawn.  Fast-forwarded through most of it, except for finding out that Carrie’s now working at Titan.  Moving on.

Bo/Hope: Bo and Hope are now on the outs.  Now that Hope knows about Bo practically putting Chelsea back on the road, their marriage is in shambles, and will be for quite awhile.  Oh, but Bo had a chance to fix it.  All he had to do was not side with Chelsea — either before or after Zack’s funeral.  Needless to say, though, he did, and the repercussions were not good.  Bo just torpedoed any chance he had of reconciling with Hope.  At least in Hope’s eyes, he did.  Oh, and Shawn’s, as well, judging by what he said at the funeral.  Speaking of the funeral, Bo did himself no favors by attacking Patrick there because of his petty jealousy that he was with Billie.  (Yes, that’s all he did it for.  Okay, that, and his anger of him telling the truth about Zack’s death.)

Patrick/Billie: As far as my favorite couple (or, I should say, for now, ex-couple), Pillie, Billie declared them over just because Patrick spilled the beans she was steadfast against spilling herself.  Excuse me, Billie?  Patrick did nothing wrong.  He just righted a wrong you helped to unnecessarily further.  You had a good thing going with the guy!  And you break up with him for that?  You did, however, win some points from me by telling Chelsea not to go to Zack’s funeral and then telling her to take responsibility for her actions.  Granted, it was a little odd to hear you say that, considering you spent the last few weeks making sure she did anything but take responsibility for her actions.

Chelsea: I put her all by herself because I have something very major to say about her.  I’m glad she’s remorseful about Zack’s death, because that’s really her only saving grace right now.  However, the fact that she was so willing to let her own mother go to prison for something she did was so unbearably heartless that it’s may very well overshadow the guilt she feels from causing Zack’s death.  You know, she was well on her way to becoming a more sympathetic character.  But she may have just blown it.  You know what could’ve given her a better shot?  Having Billie go to court and then, just as she was either about to hear her verdict or receive her sentence, Chelsea, completely guilt-ridden, just confesses everything and clears her mother in the process.  Sure, Hope would still be furious at her, but not as much so, considering the truth came straight from her mouth, not someone unrelated to the whole thing.  However, she’d be just as mad as Bo as she is now because he didn’t tell her sooner.  But at least Chelsea would’ve made becoming a sympathetic character more likely now.  Sigh.  That can’t happen now, though.

Miscellaneous: All I can say is what a delight it was to see Grandpa Shawn, Doug, and Julie again this week.  Especially Grandpa Shawn.  I mean, Frank Parker is still on-contract, but his heart problems restrict him to making limited appearances.  So it was wonderful to hear him sing “Danny Boy” at Zack’s funeral, even if he didn’t finish it because of his emotional breakdown.

Reader’s Opinions: I finally got an E-mail from a reader named Reggie Smith and, out of gratitude that someone E-mailed me, decided to post it for you all.  Just E-mail me what you think about the show and maybe I’ll include it in a future column.

“I wish that they would have killed of Chelsea instead.  I don’t care for this slutty, whorish character anymore.  The fans are up in arms about this situation and want it to end.  I think that half of Salem was declared dead and then they were all on an island together.  JERk is trying to get sympathy for a character that nobody likes and [feels] sorry for.  But I am not feeling sorry for her.  It is about time she take responsibility for her actions.  I think that Zack is alive on an island and Tony is behind Zack’s death to punish Bo and Hope for the pain and suffering that he thinks they [caused] him.  I am also sick of the Belle/Shawn/Phillip/Mimi situation.  It [has] gone on too long and it needs to end right now.  I wish Marlena would get herself together and stop falling for this piece of garbage [Alex].  I hate the writers making her a damsel-in-distress all this time and John going to have to save her.  Marlena is a strong, independent woman who needs no one to save her.  I wish for fast-paced [storylines].”  Thanks so much, Reggie!

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


Page updated 9/4/12

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