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2006 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

I caught up with last week’s episodes.  I assure you — the comments on this week’s episodes will follow shortly.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi/Kate/Bonnie: I’ve got a very bad feeling about Kate and Bonnie’s unholy alliance.  Sure, they have the same goal — keeping their children happy.  But now that Mimi is in the know, as well, it’ll be all the harder to keep the secret of Claire’s paternity.  However, if you look deeper into the situation, you’ll clearly see the two women are doing this for entirely different reasons.  Bonnie truly is doing this for Mimi.  Kate, on the other hand, is doing this for herself.  I have no doubts in my mind.  Bonnie truly wants Mimi happy after what she went through with Rex.  But just wants Philip happy because it’ll make her happy.  She wants to keep Belle with a man she doesn’t love because it’ll make her happy.  She wants to keep a little girl from knowing who her real father is because it’ll make her happy.  She’s become a heartless, selfish women whom I’d sooner see out of Salem and off my TV screen than still here in town.  Oh, and as for the younger folks, Belle still loves Shawn (no surprise), Philip’s still an idiot who can’t take the hint (no surprise), and Shawn and Mimi are still cute, but are probably on the road to ruin (yet again, no surprise).  I think that about covers this front.

John/Marlena/Alex: So that’s what’s going on.  Alex and Lois are in cahoots to destroy Marlena for something that happened in the past.  I wonder what could’ve happened when Alex and Marlena were together in the past?  How did it bring on Marlena’s hysterical amnesia?  Well, whatever it was, it’s most definitely connected to that flashback Marlena had of her being strangled.  I can’t wait to find out what’s going on.  But I wish they’d stop ruining Marlena’s character in this story.  Her constant defense of Alex is, quite frankly, tiresome and I could very well do without it.  I want her back with John and soon!

Austin/Sami/Lucas/Carrie/Nicole: So now Carrie’s contemplating working with Lucas at Titan.  I give her serious props for suspecting Lucas had ulterior motives, which he clearly did.  But Lucas weaseled his way out of it, trying to hide the fact that he’s trying to get closer to her.  As for Sami, well, not much else has changed over here — she has the same mantra of wanting to get with Austin now that Carrie hates him, and so forth.  Nicole just seems to be the odd woman out in this situation (no wonder — Arianne Zuker, who plays Nicole, is on the way out, just months after husband Kyle Lowder, ex-Brady, left DAYS).  I really can’t say much about this week, other than the only thing new here was Carrie actually interacting with her uncle and aunt (Bo and Hope, respectively).  Good to see her interact with others outside of her storyline.  She sure didn’t seem to take Sami asking her permission to pursue Austin very well, though.

Bo/Hope/Max/Chelsea/Patrick/Billie/Caroline/Frankie: I only put Caroline and Frankie’s names there because they found out the truth about Zack’s death from different people — Caroline from Bo and Frankie from Billie.  (May I add that Frankie also seemed to have the Salem Brain as he actually ran a check on Billie’s confession and found out it was all a bunch of bull.)  And just a very short time after this happened, the truth finally came out, thanks to Patrick.  And sure enough, Hope is absolutely furious with Chelsea.  If Kristian Alfonso (Hope) has performed well before, she sure did again, showing Hope’s raging fury against her husband’s daughter and the crime she’d committed against her family (yes, it was a crime — hitting Zack with Bo’s car would’ve only been an accident if she’d stopped, looked back, seen that she’d hit Zack, and called 911; she just kept going, so now, she’s officially committed manslaughter).  Things are not looking good for Chelsea, and things are not going to be looking for Bo, either, now that Chelsea’s dropped the bomb that he lent her his car.

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


Page updated 9/4/12

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