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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2006 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 1/23/06 by Justin

Contract Status

First I have to express my deepened heartbreak that Arianne Zuker (Nicole) opted not to extend her contract. Nicole has been one of my favorite characters since she debuted as a waitress at Salem Place. We have watched her develop from a naÔve fashion model to a conniving and almost heartless drunk. Whether she is acting in drama or comedy scenes I only predict the best for her and her future as an actress. She will be deeply missed, and never forgotten. Apparently the last scheduled date is around February 20th.
In more uplifting news Farah Fath (Mimi) has resigned her contract keeping her around until 2008, which I am ecstatic about. Mimi is another of my favorites and to know that she will be sticking around will guarantee that I will be watching to see this up and coming daytime star.


Every year there is one actor that Iím am just so impressed with and right now it is Kristian Alfonso. The way she has captured the torment of losing a child is eerie. The emotions that a parent would feel has been performed so intently that if you didnít know any better you would think this is real.

There is no way to describe the heart wrenching performance Kristian Alfonso is currently portraying. This is with out a doubt the best acting Kristian has ever done and I am amazed with the layers she has exposed for Hope. Kristian is like fine wine she only improves with age, and I cannot wait to see where Kristian takes Hope next, because she can only go up from here.


Jennifer and Frankie have to be the cutest non-couple right now. They are just wonderful together, and even if nothing more comes of their relationship except friends at least we get little glimpses of sparks. Jack and Jen will be back together sooner or later it is just wonderful to revisit the good past.


Christie Clark is back and better than ever. Christie has always been a great actress but maybe I forgot how great she was while she was gone but all I can say is that it is so great that she is back. The way she talked about losing her company and crying real tears my goodness I was almost convinced that Austin was a jerk.

I do feel bad for Austin though. I mean he was very excited to have taken over his first company and is already hated by the woman he loves. Now he needs to revamp High Style and allow Carrie to be a part of the renovation. It will not make up for the brutal way Austin acquired the company but at least he will be trying to make a mends.

I hope that Austin and Carrie work this whole mess out quickly because Carrie and Lucas as a couple, and Austin and Sami together just isnít working for me.


The big story is Billie taking the blame for killing Zack to protect Chelsea. Personally, I understand where she is coming from. If I were a parent I wouldnít want to see my child go to prison either but the fact remains that when the truth comes out everyone keeping Chelseaís secret will be in a heap of trouble. If Chelsea would have come forward the moment she believed she killed Zack she might have had a fighting chance. Now I think her fair trial will not be possible because she is knowingly allowing another person to take the blame for something she did.

Billie in order to be a good role model for your daughter you need to have her fess up and take responsibility for her own actions otherwise what will you be teaching her.

Baby Clair

I am happy for the fact that Clair will be all right, but the entire story of Zack dying to save Clair was incredible. When the truth finally comes out that Clair is actually Bo and Hopeís granddaughter I think the healing will be able to begin but until that time it will be devastating for Hope and Bo.


Marlenaís life is never dull! She is suffering from amnesia and dangling from hospital ledges while attempting to be killed from psycho Lois. Even though Iím not particularly found of the direction of the Marlena/Alex story nonetheless it is suspenseful. When Lois grabbed that lead pipe and struck Marlenaís head I was in disbelief that it happened, and then to see her gripping the edge of the ledge it was very suspenseful.

Closing Comments

I have to admit that Days of our Lives has the most talented cast currently. I have watched a lot of daytime dramas and none of the other cast compares to the talent of Days of our Lives.

Hey, Itís just what I think!


Page updated 9/4/12

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