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2006 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 1/6/06 by Justin


I am a little surprised at Lucasí actions.  He turns down Samiís proposal to keep Carrie and Austin apart because Lucas claims not to be the schemer he once was.  Then we later find out that he does have a scheme in motion to get Carrie for his own with his hands remaining clean. Lucas confided to Eugenia that once Austin takes over Carrieís High Style company Carrie will want nothing to do with him resulting Carrie to turn to Lucas for comfort.  Sounds like the old Lucas to me!

I hope though that Carrie realizes that Lucas kept this from her and will have nothing more to do with Lucas. Letís give Austin and Carrie a chance with one another before Sami and Lucas snowball them. Iím just tired of the Carrie and Sami dramatics over Austin.


I do like that Sami is sincere about Will.  I believe that she is sorry for all the pain she caused her son because that was never her intention to hurt him.  I hope that they will be able to patch things up.  Will is the key to Sami living a decent life she just has to believe in herself and do the right things.


Kristian Alfonso is doing such a wonderful job handling the trauma of Zack.  As much as I donít particularly agree with the choice to kill Zack Iím looking forward to some very excellent Hope scenes. I am hoping that these powerful scenes will give Kristian an Emmy nomination later this year, which she so rightly deserves.

The one situation that will be interesting to watch will be the moment Hope realizes that Chelsea is the one who caused all of this, unintentionally of course.  It will be exciting to watch Hope lay into Chelsea. 


I do not get many opportunities to write about Lexie anymore, which is a shame because she is a great character.  I wish the show would use her to full potential and not just as the doctor.  While Lexie was trying to save Zack she slipped and told Zack that mama was here, and this little slip was meant to signify the bond she shared with him when she was raising Zack as her son, and it was a nice touch.  The show really didnít play out how Lexie feels about Zack after Bo and Hope were reunited with them. It would be interesting if Lexie tears into Hope for Zack getting hit by a car, not truly meaning it to be Hopeís fault but just lashing out because she is grieving.   I loved that Lexie called Abe to come to the hospital because she needed him. They really are a great couple.  

Bo and Chelsea

Chelsea really knows how to play Bo, and too bad it will all blow up in her face when the truth comes out.  Bo will never forgive himself for allowing Chelsea the privilege to drive again so soon after her last accident. (Many comments about the fact that Chelsea is eighteen and needed a parentís signature. If she is an adult why did Bo have to sign for her to get her temporary license?)  This will really change their relationship for the worse.   The one thought I cannot get out of my head is why didnít Chelsea or Bo go and look for whatever Chelsea hit on the road.  They kept saying she hit a pothole or something, well drop the something and take a gander.  I am interested in how Chelsea will react when she realizes she ran over her little brother. 

Alice and Caroline

From the way it seemed it was after midnight and both Alice and Caroline are in the hospital with Belle and Philip praying for the recovery of Clair.  This scene was really sweet since neither Alice nor Caroline is knowingly related to Clair.  This shows just how close the families in Salem are to one another and just because they are related doesnít mean they arenít family!


What is up with Alex?  When he first arrived to Salem we thought he was a psychiatrist who was going to help Marlena get her memory back.  Then we find out that he is basically trying to get her to completely forget her life with John so Alex can announce that he is married to her.  Now we are supposed to believe that he was an abusive husband that physically and mentally abused Marlena.

Now Dr. Banks arrives in town and wants to kill Marlena for reasons we truly donít understand yet.  So Alex breaks out of jail for attacking Dr. Banks and quickly scurries to the penthouse where Dr. Banks is plotting Marlenaís murder.  John shows up and shoots Alex.  There is something not right with this story, oh yeah I donít care for it! 

Now we are being feed this line of BS suggesting that Dr. Banks was the one who abused Marlena.  Now we will be faced with the thought if Alex is a good guy or a bad guy! Letís just quickly wrap this story up so Marlena can be Marlena again and have a more decent story.

Frankie and Jennifer

Frankie and Jen are great together and I may even root for them when Jack is cured and comes back to Jennifer.  There is a naive love between them that is kind of refreshing to watch.  Jennifer admitted that she wanted Frankie to kiss her. With all the drama that is currently going on in the show it is nice to see this relationship slowly blossoming.  Jennifer even reminded me of a teenager in Fridayís episode when she was talking to herself in the mirror, and she just look as she did when she was a teenager. I am anxious about where this will go.  They are quickly becoming one of my favorite to tune in to see.


I will say that I really like Daphne Bloomer as Eugenia.  I thought once the truth came out about Kate and Sami surfaced we wouldnít see Eugenia anymore but I am glad that she is sticking around a bit longer.  Although I do not just want to see her as Lucasí scheming buddy lets get her involved in something worthy of her talent. 

Closing Comments

Even though itís depressing to admit the death of Zack is certainly adding a bit of flare to Days of our Lives right now, which is much needed.  Up until this point the show just hasnít had the same intensity and ability to captivate the viewing audience as it has in the past. I literally could watch the show once a week and miss nothing, and that is not good for a daily show.  The show needs to enchant the audience to luring them back for tomorrows show.  If you can tune in once a week and be caught up something is right. 

But if Zackís scandalous story is an indication for the stories that lay just beyond the horizon then this show will be back to its mesmerizing self in no time.  We just have to be patient and see where it goes from here.

Hey, itís just what I think!


Page updated 9/4/12

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