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2006 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 1/2/06 by Justin

Happy New Year to everyone!!

Current Progress

The stories right now are just mundane.  The older Days of our Lives viewers have already watched the Carrie, Sami, Austin, and Lucas love story and as much as I love Carrie’s return I am not ready to go through this again unless there will be some shocking twist like Carrie acting like Sami.

Next on the list is the introduction of Lois Banks who is out to get Marlena.  Why all of a sudden are these people we never heard of back from Marlena’s past out to get her.  Marlena must be the Marcia Brady of Salem, and it’s always Marlena Marlena Marlena!  Please let move the story alone so Marlena can get her memory back and help her daughter and Hope through their terrible ordeals.

The only story I am looking forward to watching is the play out of Zack’s tragic death.  When I first caught wind of the direction the story was going I literally was in shock. But I will talk more about Zack later.


I just don’t understand why Jack feels that he would be better off faking his own death than to spend his lasting days with the family who loves him, so dearly.  Yes it will be painful for Jennifer and Abby to watch Jack die but think of all the time he is wasting pretending to be dead.  There will be this immaculate reunion with Jack while he is very weak and he will realize that he wasted so much time.

The Family Portrait

Often we the viewers see these fabulous family portraits on Alice’s or Hopes mantels but never truly remember the scene in which it played out.  I give Bo a round of applause for making a wonderful Christmas memory even though it is the marking of a tragic event to come.  It was nice to include Chelsea in the picture because after all she is Bo’s daughter but Mimi was a little surprising.  If Shawn and Mimi were engaged at the present time then by all means included her in the photo but since she wasn’t it just seemed odd to me.  Especially what happens when Shawn and Belle disappointedly get back together there will be an eternal reminder that Shawn was going to move on with his life with Mimi. 


Accidental on purpose was the phrase that Max muttered when Frankie returned from the hospital with a broken leg.  It does not matter to me whether it was an accident or on purpose as long as he is still around.  Jack and Jen fans are upset with the direction Jen and Frankie could be heading but I am ready to see if these two will have the same chemistry they once did back in the day.  Jack is alive and he will stay alive which means Jen and Jack will be together, I just want to be reminded of the love Frankie and Jen shared many years ago. 


What can I say about Kate except that if we were in Oz somebody would end up throwing a bucket of water on her.  Kate has passed Sami’s evil ten fold.  Kate wants her children to be in horrible marriages.  She changed Shawn’s medical records so nobody would find out Shawn is Clair’s father.  As the years progress I dislike Kate more and more. 

Kate wants Austin to be with Carrie.  Why would you want your son to get back together with a woman who slept with another man while married to you and then run off to be with him.  Kate should be thinking Austin honey that woman is just going to break your heart again.  She still believes that Billie should be with Bo, and that Lucas is better off with any woman even Carrie just as long as it is not Sami whom he still loves. What a wonderful mother!

Then changes Shawn’s medical records, which Victor pointed out to her was extremely dangerous just to keep Clair’s paternity under wraps.  Kate believes that if Belle found out that Clair was Shawn’s and not Philip’s child Belle would leave Philip.  So Kate wants her son to be in a unhappy marriage?  Kate needs to shape up or ship out!


Chelsea should never be allowed to be near a car ever again.  Chelsea, her parents, and Abby were hit by a drunk driver, she also outran the cops, had a small wreck when she and Abby were together, and now had another wreck and gets her license taken away plus driving school.  It’s about time the girl has no luck with cars I just hope she never wants to be an airplane pilot!

Now with her current escapade I fear she will never be the same nor will the entire town of Salem.  This should force Chelsea to make the transition from a girl’s immaturity to full conscious adult life.


Wow this is the big event current going on in daytime.  The death of Zack Brady as I stated in my opening I was literally shocked that this is occurring.  This story is basically happening to save baby Clair, and honestly the story should have been flipped around.  It should be Zack who needed the liver transplant and baby Clair that died, that is if the show needed to play our this morbid situation. In a perfect story they both would live but if we didn’t have this drama there would be no reason to tune in everyday and Zack dieing was shocking we really didn’t see this coming until now. 

First off, this will give Chelsea a chance to find out what it means to be responsible for her actions.  This will either make her a Jennifer type character or a Sami character.  Next, we will get to see Bo and Hope shine with their acting abilities, which we are cheated out of a majority of the time.  Finally, we will get to watch a story that is worth watching.  Up until now we have been fed magic smoke and the impossible situations we are finally getting to the heart of the what made soap operas soap operas family turmoil, not fictitious islands that are identical to a town.  Not many unbelievable maniacs just trying to purposely wreak havoc on peoples lives just because they are unhappy.  We are getting to the heart of what people in reality endure.  In real life parents lose their children, women have abortions, and infants get very sick.   Now we don’t want an entire year of depressing real life occurrences.  I do give credit to Days for attempting a bold and daring story that takes bravery to construct. 

Closing Comments

Often when viewers do not agree with a story or they find it offensive in an angry rage they decide that they will no longer watch the show anymore.  But the point is that it is a television show that was worth watching at one point otherwise we would have never tuned in to watch the show the first time and continued watching it as the years rolled on.  One has to take the good with the bad, and if the story is offensive then embrace the fact that this is only a story, sometimes the best stories are the ones that cause the biggest controversy.  

Hey, it’s just what I think!


A face can launch a thousand ships but one voice can make a difference! 

Page updated 9/4/12

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