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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Studying for finals kept me from getting my opinion for the week before last in on time.  But here it is, anyway.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi/Victor/Kate: As of the week I’m writing for, Claire was still sick.  Shawn was just starting to feel the usual connection to her, which is a surefire sign that some part of him knows he’s the father.  Philip and Belle continue to cry over “their” daughter.  Nothing new here, except that Shawn gave more blood than he was allowed, which . . . not very smart, Shawn.  Elsewhere on that front, it looks like the person called in for Kate was Victor, who was all ready to turn her in to Roman until she revealed why she changed the records.  Now, Victor was absolutely right when he said that what Kate’s doing is wrong, and I loved when he questioned how good a mother she really is.  And Kate really should’ve taken into consideration how horrible it’d be for Shawn if he went through with Claire the same thing Victor went through with Bo, finding out they were father and son after Bo hit adulthood.  But Kate still convinced Victor to keep mum about the truth “for Philip.”  Sorry, Kate.  I still think it’s more for yourself than it is for Philip.  If Victor’s smart, he’ll tell Kate that the moment Claire is better, they’ll tell Philip the truth.  That’s what I’d say, after all.

John/Marlena/Alex/Kate/Maggie: On this front, we got some slight movement when John managed to plant a big kiss on Marlena under the mistletoe after being set up by Maggie.  Unfortunately, thanks to yet another Alex arrival, it didn’t work.  I was disappointed, because I actually thought it would work.  And now, Kate’s actually thinking she’s still got a chance with John.  Now, I know there are a lot of Jate (John and Kate) fans out there, but I think you should all just stop hoping.  It’s not happening.  John and Marlena are the couple the show is aiming at here, and eventually, it’s going to happen.

Austin/Sami/Lucas/Carrie: I liked the scenes with Carrie stuck in the bathroom stall while Sami recapped their whole history to the attendant in the bathroom.  The best part of it, for me, was hearing that Sami really did want to bury the hatchet with Carrie because she felt like she’d been a horrible sister to her (which she had).  But there was just too much water under the bridge at this point.  And just how convenient was it that Austin, Sami, Lucas, and Carrie are all fans of the Rolling Stones?  Face it.  That was just made to appease DAYS’s connection to the Rolling Stones.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: I put Jack’s name here I know that was he whom was seen by Jennifer in the garden.  Jack is clearly deciding to use the fact that everyone thinks he’s dead to his advantage now and is letting Jennifer think he’s dead so that she can try and move on with Frankie.  No doubt about it.  He’s pretending, plain and simple.  But I think that Frankie may be a little suspicious that he’s alive, considering what Jennifer told him and Hope that Jack’s “ghost” told her (about moving on with Frankie).  I don’t know how much longer this’ll be going on, but frankly . . . it sucks.

Bo/Hope/Max/Chelsea: Nice little Christmas get-together at the Brady household.  I think that was so cute of Zack to accept Chelsea as his big half-sister.  Oh, and the fact that Chelsea’s finally letting Hope in is just as good.  But I think Bo is really too protective of the daughter he just met, considering that she’s dating his own brother (consider the “ick” factor here).  It shouldn’t at all be a problem considering Chelsea’s dating someone Bo knows and trusts.  And what a way to end the week on this front — Chelsea getting into an accident in her car.  I don’t know what’ll happen (actually, I do, and more on that later), but I hope it’s interesting enough for me to care about.

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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