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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion 12/8/05 by Justin

Let me say that if not for Carrie’s return, the show would be mundane. I haven’t been faithfully watching the show everyday because of school projects and now finals. I was shocked about how little progress the show had made in the storylines. When I would watch the show everyday I didn’t realize how slowly the storylines move. But when you tune out for a short period of time and miss a few weeks of stories and turn in to the same night when you stop watching you realize how slowly the show progresses.

Carrie Returns

Carries return to Salem has been long awaited by many fans myself is included in that list. The only problem that will surface is the fact that Carrie has been back for a few days, and already we are regressing back to the Carrie, Austin, Sami, and Lucas manipulations. Sami has fed Carrie lies already, and Lucas has the hots for her once again. Basically what is going on is that Sami wants Austin and Lucas wants Carrie, and hmmm this seams really familiar to me for some reason I wonder why?

I will say that Christy Clark looks as stunning as ever. It is wonderful that she has come back home where she belongs. I just fear this time-travel back to the nineties will not be as wonderful the second time around. If Carrie decks Lucas and Sami once again it just may be well worth watching this repetitive storyline.


Isn’t just fantastic when the writers decide to rewrite the history of characters. So Marlena had some type of traumatic amnesia after Alex went missing and was presumed dead. Marlena has always been a very strong character, and now she has suffered amnesia what over ten times now? I love amnesia stories when they are constructed well but unfortunately I am starting to roll my eyes whenever I hear Marlena insist, “I’m going to stay with Alex.”

This entire Alex story is not very clear to me, and quite frankly I do enjoy watching Marlena’s story but am ready for some twist that will rejuvenate my interest in this particular story. The ingredients are present for this to be good story but it’s just leaving a bad taste in my mouth presently.

Jennifer and Jack

Melissa Reeves is doing a marvelous job with the emotions Jennifer is experiencing. But once again we all know that Jack is not dead and I find myself kind of unsympathetic right now toward this story. I can see it now Jennifer and Frankie will start to get close, and surprise Jack will come back to life and fully cured. We need to get message to the writers that too many deaths in a short period of time is not effective anymore, and especially when the audience already knew what is going to happen.

I enjoy realistic stories over far-fetched ones. Don’t get me wrong I am a sucker when it comes to the back from the dead and unbelievable stories but not all the time. Viewers need a break now and then from the unbelievable to become engrossed with stories that viewers can relate to and want to watch. Let me speak for the majority of the audience we do not want to watch Jennifer suffer anymore.

Baby Clair

“I am so shocked that Clair is Shawn’s baby not Philips.” Justin sarcastically announces. For once though can’t the father of a baby stay the father of the baby? What this means for Belle and Shawn is that they can finally be together. The child that Belle thought was Philip’s is actually Shawn’s daughter then there is nothing to stand in the way of their happiness.

Someone asked me how I think Belle and Shawn will react to the news that they are the parents of Clair. Well, at first they won’t believe it because they both thought that making love in the barn was just a dream, and so they will be in denial at first. But once they get past it they will have to break the hearts of Philip and Mimi, which will not be and easy thing for either of them to do.

Well, what about Mimi and Philip? As much as I enjoyed Mimi and Shawn together and would rather them stay together the future looks dreary for them. Unless Mimi has a Christmas miracle, and by this I mean Mimi will find out that she is pregnant. Won’t that be a kick in the pants for poor old Shawn and Belle?


Everything that I mentioned above about baby Clair will all be determined if Kate gets caught switching the paternity or not. Knowing that Kate is sly and is able to get herself out of sticky situations the paternity may not be reveled for a long time. Think about Will and how Sami was able to hide Will’s paternity for years. Finally if memory serves me correctly Carrie and Eric were able to prove that Lucas not Austin was Will’s father.
I would like to see Kate switch the results so Philip is Clair’s father but have Mimi figure out what Kate has done. This will put Mimi in a messy position because if she tells she would lose Shawn to Belle. If she decided to keeps Kate secret it would show that she hasn’t changed from what she did to Rex.


Everyone needs to give a round of applause to Hope for being out in public with her son Zack. First off it is great that the show incorporates common everyday life into the show. Often a soap opera does not mention children getting shots or a check up but it was a nice touch to see Hope taking her son to the doctor. Usually we find that Zack is with Doug and Julie or another family member and we never see him out with his parents, unless they are at home in their living room. There was even one episode where Bo and Hope were called out the night that Jack drove off the bridge but never mentioned where Zack was at when they just took off hopefully not home alone.


Lucas is back to his scheming self. Being in business does not mean you have to be devious and sneaky. In fact in the business classes that I have taken in college is being honest and reliable. Lucas just wants to prove himself to Victor and everyone else who may have ever doubted him, and that is okay. But he wants Carrie as a trophy to gloat to Austin and that is not okay. I have never been a huge fan of Lucas and as the weeks go by I find that he is the snobbish rich brat he was when he came to Salem many years ago.

Alice’s Family Tree is a wonderful website to check out. As soon as I heard Hope mention the web address, I logged on to see if it worked. It was a neat idea both for Alice and for the many fans that just cannot get enough Days of our Lives.

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Page updated 11/17/12

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