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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Hello, all.  At the time I am writing this week’s column, it is Thanksgiving Day.  But the column for that won’t be available until next week.  So, with that said, here’s my two cents on last week.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: We didn’t get much of Shawn or Philip this week.  Most of it was Belle and Mimi.  I loved how Mimi gave Belle the verbal smackdown about her obvious lingering feelings for Shawn.  Why can’t Belle just cut the “I’m married to Philip, I had his baby, we’re staying together” crap and ’fess up?  It’d surely end the agony of things.

John/Marlena/Alex/Roman/Kate: They’re married.  Alex and Marlena are married.  Quite the curveball.  And quite the twist needed to, unfortunately, prolong the storyline.  I half-bought the explanation of how Alex and Marlena met and fell in love and I half-turned it away.  There’s no way that could’ve happened.  Unless, of course, Alex is trying to account for the years before Marlena showed up in Salem.  But I just wonder why he’s only mentioning her marriages to Roman and John?  I know most of the current viewers started watching in the ’80s or ’90s, and even after the twenty-first century began (like myself), but any writer who’d try to stay true to the show’s history would remember she had one other husband — Don Craig.  It is like history has been rewritten so that he never even existed!  Although Belle did mention Don Craig, Jr.’s death from SIDS, so maybe that’s not the case.  So.  Anyway, since it looks like Marlena’s married to Alex, she’s kicked John out of the penthouse one again, and he’s back to living with Kate in her hotel suite.  Speaking of Kate, what the hell was she doing there during a matter that was only between John, Marlena, and Alex?  It was nice seeing her try to be a friend to Marlena again, but other than that, what purpose did she serve?

Lucas/Sami/Austin/Nicole: I was quite impressed with the way this storyline went this week.  Sami more than made up for her mistake with giving up the fact that Dr. Schnitzel would be meeting with Austin and Nicole by befriending his fiancée, Lulu Weiner.  (Did you get the irony of what her name would be after they were married?  Lulu Weiner-Schnitzel?  Ha!  How hilarious!)  And she urged Lulu to get Dr. Schnitzel to give his Clear Visage account to Austin’s company, and now, Sami’s a hero.  (Oh, and everyone’s faces when they heard the sex over the intercom?  Priceless!)  But all that ended when Lucas found out from Sophie that Lulu’s actually a con artist who marries and divorces rich men for their money.  He was able to use that against her by blackmailing her into getting her fiancé to sign back over to Titan/Countess Wilhelmina again.  Which she unfortunately did.  Well, I do like the corporate sabotage storylines going on, and I hope it leads to some powerful conflicts in the coming weeks.

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: So Jack tried to put his plan into motion this week.  As soon as Jennifer and Frankie went out to look for Chelsea and Abby, who hadn’t reached home yet because of the coming ice storm, he took all the pills prescribed to him in hopes of ending his life right there.  I hope Billie, who was there when he collapsed to the floor, manages to revive him.  Oh, wait.  I almost don’t hope for that.  Actually, based on Jack’s recent actions, I won’t miss him at all if he commits suicide!  Enough said.  This storyline, quite frankly, sucks.  Flat-out.  Jack and Jennifer deserve better material than this.

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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