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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Again, homework kept me from getting to this in time.  And it wonít get any easier in the coming weeks, as I have three major projects coming up.  Iíll be lucky if I get any free time to do this at all.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: I really donít know what to think of Mimiís scenes in the church.  I think itís kind of odd that she had to ask for advice on what to do about her abortion after it was done.  And talking to the statue after it came to life was even weirder.  But on the plus side, Iím glad she and Belle are best friends again, although for how long?  Now that Mimiís decided to move on with Shawn, it might drive that wedge right back between them again.  Meanwhile, Shawn made it clear to Belle that heíd moved on from her, which made Belle worse for the wear.  I think she deserves it, frankly.  Marrying one men while clearly in love with the other, and then staying in a loveless marriage on the basis of sympathy?  Cry away, Belle.  I donít feel sorry for you.

John/Marlena/Alex/Roman/Kate: So close, and yet so far.  John nearly got through to Marlena again.  But wouldnít you know it?  Dr. North made everything go south.  As if the documents legally declaring Marlena dead werenít bad enough, the surprise curveball came in ó more papers from Alex that shocked Marlena so much, she had to rethink her decision.  Oh, and get this ó she finally decided to which of the three men in her life (John, Roman, and Alex) she wanted to be with.  And Roman hoping heíd be the one was just stupid.  Sheís not coming back to you ever, dude.  Her choice?  The reason for it?  Well, we already know, considering where we are in the week, but Iíll bring that up when I write my column for that week.

Lucas/Sami/Austin/Nicole/Billie: Well, it looks like Billieís not at all too happy with Austinís living arrangements or choice of employees.  I donít blame her.  I wouldnít want my brother saddled with the likes of Sami and Nicole.  Austin and Billieís scenes were wonderful.  Youíd actually think Austin Peck (Austin) and Julie Pinson (Billie) were brother and sister.  I donít know why Austin wouldnít at least tell Billie who the mystery woman he still loved was.  And I donít know why Sami would be interested, anyway, considering she said she wasnít interesting in Austin.  Or was that another one of her lies?  Speaking of Sami, she really messed up by slipping to Lucas the name of the client Austin and Nicole were going to meet with.  I hope she can make it up to them somehow.

Eugenia: I know there are many who canít stand this character, but frankly, I like her.  So, sheís resurfaced again, this time as Lucasís new assistant.  Now, Iím beginning to wonder why Victor would make her Lucasís assistant when he should know by now how much Lucas hates her for her part in his first breakup with Sami.  But whatever.  I can now wait to see if TPTB at DAYS got any of my letters suggesting Eugenia be paired up with Tek, if only to get him out of Abe and Lexieís storyline!

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie/Lexie/Hope: I knew that book was a red herring.  Jennifer really thinks Jack is going to start reading about self-healing?  Come on!  I always thought the woman was stronger than that!  And Jack planning on committing suicide even sooner than originally planned?  Two words: Selfish.  Coward.  Case closed.  Too bad Lexieís bound by the doctorĖpatient confidentiality rule.  She could dime him right out.  Frankieís suspicious that somethingís up with Jack, and Hopeís suspicious (and correct) that Frankie and Jennifer still have feelings for each other.  Other than that, nothing really happened in their storyline.  Actually, it was a total yawn.

And thatís just whatís on my mind!

To let me know whatís on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


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Page updated 11/17/12

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