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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Yes, I am still around and writing opinions but not as often as Iím sure you can tell. My goal is to write an opinion at least once a month until this current semester is over. What is horrible and makes it tough for me is that I have to tape Days everyday because they moved Days to one Oíclock instead of three like it normally was. Before I was able to catch Days on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and then watch the Tuesday and Thursday episodes during the weekend. But I find it hard to watch five hours of anything on the weekends and through the week is devoted to my studies. So hang in with me. Anyways we have a lot to talk about!


Finally Jennifer knows the truth that Jack is terminally ill, but it took her finding the medicine bottle and her own research to force the truth from him. That was wrong of Jack to keep this horrible secret but what to you expect. Now Jack is plotting his suicide, which open a new can of ethical worms that many viewers are debating. Should a person have a right to end his or her own life? Honestly I wrote a paper on suicide last semester and a few years ago I wrote an ethical debate on assisted suicide. So I am looking forward to this potential story play out. Even though I know Jack is not going to die.

Lexie and Dr. North

Lexie knows that Alex is up to no good and that he wants Marlena for himself. Many viewers had the thought that Alex could be Stefano, but since he is threatening Lexie it is highly doubtful. Stefano hates Abe with Lexie but Stefano has always had a soft spot for Lexie. If Lexie truly were a moral person, she would tell Abe about her moment of weakness with Tek and then expose Alex for the fraud that he is.

The more flashbacks they show about Alex and Marlena the more I begin to wonder if he could be Roman. The scenes with Marlena crying outside of the front door was when Roman found out that Belle was Johnís child not his, I can remember when this first aired. That was Marlena and Romanís house and Roman left because he was unable to for give Marlenaís adultery. Honestly I donít know if I want him to be Roman but I am curious to see just whom Dr. North turns out to be.

Alex most likely and logically is just an old boyfriend from the past and their relationship didnít work out. Now twenty years later he still hasnít gotten over his loss and decided to take advantage of her delicate situation. Either way it is wonderful to see this actor again his Roman fans have missed him.


Belle and Philip had a baby girl witch they named Clair, it wasnít the name I voted for but it is still cute. The show also gave us another foreshadowing moment if you paid attention. Victor said to Philip about there is no greater joy to a father than having a daughter, something on that order. As Victor was saying that Shawn was in the doorway. Clair should be Belle and Philipís child, just because it would make everything complicated. Eventually, Belle and Shawn will get back together, unless Mimi and Shawn become the new favorite, which is plausible.

Belleís story is fascinating to me, because I cannot recall, and help me if you know, of another character on the show going through postpartum depression. I am sure it has been done on other shows but I applaud realistic stories over far-fetched ones any day. A lot of Belleís problem is that she is unhappy with Philip and wants to be with Shawn but she canít so it is manifesting itself through the postpartum depression.

Belle and Shawn

Why would Belle and Philip want to ask Mimi for be the Godmother to Clair? First off Mimi and Belle are not getting along right now. Second with Mimi at them moment unable to bare children it just seemed kind of cruel to ask her right now. Philip and Belle should have talked to her alone and told her what they were thinking before they officially asked her to be a Godparent. Now Shawn tells us that Mimi doesnít like to be around children. Shouldnít this be brought to Belle and Philip attention that Mimi isnít the right person to be doing this at least at this time?


Sami is just the coolest character on the show right now. Yes she is hurt and horrified that Lucas and Will wants nothing to do with her, but gee can she bounce right back up like a weeble wobble. Ever since Austin has returned to Salem Sami has stuck to him they were magnets. Truthfully I wouldnít mind a brief rekindle of Sami and Austin romance as long as she doesnít get to obsess over it like she normally does.

The new Partnership

Nicole is going to be Austinís new vice president and Sami is also thrown into the mix. Austinís new business is going to be very successful just wait and see. It may start off on a rocky foot but watch these three characters will really work well together. Then when Carrie comes back maybe sheíll get into the harem, oops! I mean company.


Bo gave Chelsea two hundred and fifty dollars one day. Then a few days later he chucked over another large sum of money to her. Where does Bo get all of his money? From what Iím aware of cops really do not make a huge load of money and Bo doesnít let Hope use her trust fund money. I also remember a time when Bo told Hope that money would be tight when they bought the house they are living in.

Roman and Bonnie?

Well, I will say that even though this couple seems like a strange pairing, I sort of like them together. Roman isnít a rich man so it is nice to see Bonnie go after a person just because she kind of likes him instead of what she can gain from the relationship. I do agree with most of the other viewers that Bart and Bonnie would have made a much better couple but hey both of them are single and itís not like they will get married, let them have their fun.

Veteran Actors

Many people have stated that they are tired of Marlenaís amnesia story already. Not me! First off there will come a sad time when the focus shifts from Marlena and onto another character, which I am sure we will all love. Look at Maggie, Julie, and countless others whom are not seen very often. These were leading ladies who once were the stars of the show are very disappointedly used presently. Marlena still has a huge fan base and as long as we want to see Marlena the show will have to supply our demand. So I say if you are a fan of any character take the time to enjoy their current story because you never know when the tides will change.

Hey, Itís just what I think!

A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference!

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The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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