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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Hey, everybody!  I’m still giddy from last weekend’s fan event, but that won’t keep me from doling out my opinions to you.  This week was okay, hindered only by the absence of the male half of my favorite couple.  But seeing that Belle or Philip were also absent all week made it better for me, considering I’m at the point where I can’t stand Philip, anyway.  Even better — another no-show this week was Kate (unless I’m mistaken)!  So anyway, let’s go.

Shawn/Mimi: These two weren’t really seen together all that much this week, but I hope their relationship continues blossoming into a lovely, meaningful one.  On Mimi’s front, she got very lucky when Billie vouched for her to get her a job at Glorianne’s salon and spa.  On Shawn’s front, I am very disapproving of his choice not to go back to college.  It was funny, though, when he told Bo what he’d decided and Bo replied, “The hell you’re not” while still smiling.  Amazing what the guy can take without dropping his smile.

John/Marlena/Alex/Frankie: I was seething with total fury when Alex got Marlena to sign the divorce papers this week and got them faxed to Mickey’s office.  Just as John was about to get the upper hand and get Marlena declared incompetent first.  Well, thank God for that clock Marlena has.  It really saved her memories of John from being erased.  Oh, and when Marlena remembered all those other happy memories and decided to go out with John, the look on Alex’s face was priceless!  Throwing Frankie into the mix, if only for two episodes, was also a good move.  (Hey, I nearly forgot he was lawyer now.)  And Frankie pretty much got Alex to make a very dumb move.  As soon as Frankie told him, “You can’t destroy what they have,” and Alex answered, “We’ll see about that” and ran out the door, he confirmed what we already knew, but what John had been suspecting — he is out to split up John and Marlena.  Hope he doesn’t succeed.

Lucas/Sami/Austin/Nicole: Lucas looks like he’s definitely going to start a little something up with Sophie, which is fine.  At least until he realizes it’s Sami he truly does want to be with.  Maggie certainly tried and failed to get him to see that.  And now, with his new position at Titan, he wants to destroy Austin just because he is being a friend to Sami and has hired both of his exes.  This should be interesting.  I at first thought that they’d pulled a third bedroom in Sami’s apartment out of the blue, but I had the fortune of finding out that there had been three bedrooms years ago, when other people lived there, but the third one had been, so to say, phased out and nearly forgotten about since only Sami and Will lived there.  Anyway, Nicole now has a place to stay in Sami and Austin’s apartment, and it’ll probably be in that third room.  I loved their little “office” scenes, pulling petty, underhanded stunts against each other and even fantasizing about screwing each other over in spas.  Alison Sweeney (Sami) and Arianne Zuker (Nicole) work well off each other, and I hope they continue doing so.

Jack/Jennifer: Oh, that’s real nice, Jack.  Now you want to try and kill yourself?  Ugh.  I’m not going to comment about their storyline at all because Jack has become so unbelievable, so cowardly, that I’m almost tempted to fast-forward through all Jack and Jennifer’s scenes.  (No offense to Matthew Ashford, though, who plays Jack’s scenes beautifully.)  Jennifer, you’re still cool, though.

Max/Chelsea: I hate to say this, but when these two are alone, they’re a real yawn as a couple.  That salsa dancing class they took was a real bore.  I don’t even think there’s any chemistry between them at all.  So moving on.

Bo/Hope/Billie: Billie was with Bo only a short time this week, which was good.  I loved, loved, loved it when she practically flaunted how happy she was with the absent-all-week Patrick and made Bo squirm!  (Okay, maybe “flaunted” is not the right word here.)  Of course, when Bo went on his next anti-Patrick tangent, I got mad again.  But moving right along, Bo and Hope are now clashing over his giving Chelsea even more money.  He’s given her a total of $500 and is going to give her even more after that.  They’re also fighting over whether or not Shawn should be in college.  (I agree with Hope that he does need to be in college.  Whenever businesses need to start laying off some of their employees, they always make the ones who didn’t go to college the first to go.  Shawn needs that college education.)  I really think that Bo should taking both of these situations more seriously than he’s already taking them.  Is Shawn an adult?  Yes.  Does he have to go to college?  Not necessarily.  Does he have to if it means not missing out on an opportunity for a high-paying job?  I’d say yes.  Bo needs to figure that part out and take better action.  And stop trying to win your daughter over by simply giving her money!  She’s playing you!

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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