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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Before I began this week’s column, I have to say that I had a most perfect weekend.  This Saturday, I went to Burlington, MA, which is about twenty miles away from my home here in Salem, NH, for an event that was supposed to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  And guess what?  Four DAYS starts attended it — Matthew Ashford (Jack), Brody Hutzler (Patrick), Judi Evans (Bonnie), and Steve Blackwood (Bart).  I was among thirty-plus fans (it was a small, private event) who got to ask any question I wanted to the stars about the show — past storylines, current storylines, upcoming storylines, and even things that happened behind the scenes — their past work, their relationships with current and past co-stars, and various other things.  I got autographs from each actor and got my picture taken with a bunch of them.  Oh, and Judi thought I was a total sweetheart because of how polite I was to them!  Hee!  All in all, a great afternoon!  And $140.00 well spent ($70.00 for my ticket, $70.00 for my mom’s ticket).

All right, then.  With that aside, I’m just a few days late on this column for this past week of DAYS.  It was actually a pretty good week.  Let’s get going, shall we?

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: Weird.  Didn’t Belle nearly fall off the fire escape last week?  This week, she didn’t even come close to it!  The writers must’ve “conveniently” forgotten about that.  Oh, well.  Belle is greatly depressed because she clearly does not want to be married to Philip, nor did she want to have his baby, and most importantly, she still loves Shawn and wants him back.  Get over yourself, missy!  You decided to give him up because you had to “honor your wedding vows” like a whining little wimp instead of do what was really in your heart, and now, he’s moved on.  It’s your own fault, so shut up!  Meanwhile, Shawn and Mimi watched the “Streets of Love” music video from the Rolling Stones (who?) and, after Mimi got all weepy from the song reminding her of her lost love, grew so close to Shawn that they nearly ended up in the sack.  I’m glad Shimi is deciding to take it slow, though, because that’s just what they need to do if they want to grow into a hot couple.

John/Marlena/Alex/Kate/Roman: So Roman was finally alerted to Alex’s intentions for Marlena.  He put being the father of Marlena’s children before being a cop, at least for a little bit, and let John break into the penthouse to confront Alex, who, once again, snuck into Marlena’s room via the outside ledge.  I swear, I was hoping to see karma come back and bite him in the ass and make him fall off before he got in to Marlena’s room and played that creepy music.  He may have temporarily succeeded in regaining his control over Marlena (after a frustratingly close attempt by John to jog her memories of their life together), but Marlena definitely has found an ace in the hole — a clock John gave her a few years back.  It’s the one thing keeping her memory from being erased.  Meanwhile, I hope she isn’t too easily manipulated by the so-called “past” she had with Alex when they were “lovers.”  We can only hope Alex fails again, but I’m not so sure.  As for why Kate was in the heading for this paragraph, it’s because she really does seem to want Marlena to recover, remembering that she’s Marlena’s friend.  Although she won’t be once Marlena does get her memory back and hears what Kate did to ruin Sami’s most recent wedding.

Roman/Bonnie: I hope they’re not planning on pairing up these two.  I want to see Bonnie get with Bart!  Although their scenes were fairly good.  I can’t deny that.

Lucas/Sami/Austin/Nicole: I have to rant about Lucas first.  The way he let Sami think he was sleeping with new girl Sophie (yay — DAYS brought on its first Asian character!) was completely cruel and malicious.  It was just plain unfair.  On the other hand, Lucas looks kind of cute in his scenes with Sophie, and I’d like it if TPTB at DAYS went ahead with even a temporary Lucas/Sophie pairing before Sami and Lucas got back together.  As far as my rants of Sami are concerned, she has to give up that childish fantasy of her parents reuniting.  It’s NEVER FREAKING HAPPENING!  Oh, and once again blaming John for the situation?  Not mature.  Not smart.  But at least she’s likewise been alerted to the situation with Alex and she clearly wants to do anything she can to keep her mom safe from him.  As for Austin and Nicole, I only have a rave about them — I’m still loving the potential they show as a couple!  I also have a rave solely about Austin — he definitely was one of the few people this week with the Salem Brain who noticed how “territorial” Alex was with Marlena.

Jack/Jennifer/Abby: Jack and Jennifer told Abby that Jack is dying.  Actually, they did that the week before this one, but I omitted that fact because I forgot about it.  As expected, she didn’t take it well.  After her brief period of being distraught and getting a friendly bit of advice from Chelsea that she should enjoy what time she has left with him, Abby finally accepted Jack’s fate.  Now, the Deverauxes are finally going to go through this together, and that just makes me happy that they can deal with this as a family now.  Of course, any happiness I felt evaporated the moment Jack got back on the Patrick hate train with Bo.

Bo/Hope: They made their return to our screens this week as they found out about Jack’s illness.  It’s great to see the bond among the four of them as they all dealt with the situation.  Of course, as I started in Jack, Jennifer, and Abby’s paragraph above, Bo completely lost me again when he and Jack got on the Patrick hate train.  Bo even more so when he all but attacked Patrick again just because he saw him with Chelsea.  Bo, this is getting so old and so tiresome.  Just give it a rest, please!  Good thing Hope actually told him that, albeit not in so many words.  Oh, and good move, arranging a day for Jennifer at a spa.

Patrick/Billie/Chelsea: Yay!  My favorite couple was on-screen again this week after being completely absent the last week!  And . . . their little spoiler, to whom I’m mostly indifferent.  But anyway, Patrick and Billie showed once again why they are my favorite couple — the chemistry is everywhere with them!  (Brody even told all of us fans at the event.)  I definitely think these two are on the road to becoming a supercouple (and that beautiful dance and hot kiss showed it!), if JERk Boy would get the ball rolling with them — and not drop it, like he’s done to so many other couples.  Of course, their evening got interrupted by the news that Abby and Chelsea were “missing,” and Patrick had to go out and find them — and then get attacked by Bo for something he didn’t do to Chelsea.  Sorry, man.  You keep getting a raw deal with “Bozo Brady.”  (Thanks, Bonnie!)  Either way, Patrick and Billie are great together and would continue being great if Chelsea could just get out of the picture.

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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