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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Man, my homework made me so late itís not even funny.  This column is for the week of October 10 through 14, a week that I really donít know what to think much of.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: So Belle and Philip have taken Claire home from the hospital, and Belleís turned into a weeping ball of emotion.  Apparently, she has postpartum depression, which couldíve been set off by seeing Shawn and Mimiís deepening connection.  Oh, boy.  I hope she doesnít go down the path of GLís Reva Lewis and nearly kill herself.  And I hope she survives that fall of the fire escape!

John/Marlena/Alex: Thanks to more of Alexís machinations, Marlena kicked John out of the penthouse.  Heís now taken up with Kate (purely platonically, of course) and has used his time to spy on Alex with Marlena.  I really didnít like seeing what John had the misfortune of seeing.  But for the first time in years, Iíve felt the need to root for John to win Marlena back.  This became even more clear when he tried getting her back at Chez Rouge, where Alex tried unsuccessfully to drug her again.  (Thank goodness.)  Despite the progress this storylineís making, I still donít really know what to think of it right now.

Lucas/Sami/Austin/Nicole: I had to laugh at Sami and Nicole fighting to go out with Austin.  It was even funnier when they were looking for him in Samiís apartment in perfect time with each other, not even knowing that Austin had already left for Aliceís.  Nicole thinks Sami wants Austin back, but Sami claims she doesnít.  I think sheís telling the truth, but time will tell.  Anyway, it looks like very soon after Austinís return to the show, he and Lucas are already feuding over Sami.  The reason is very simple ó Lucas quite plainly wants Sami back, despite what heís saying, and he hates that Austinís getting close to her.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Lucas, just tell Sami you want her back and be done with it!  Oh, and another thing.  Donít looked so peeved that Victor got you a job a Titan that Austin turned down.  At least you have one at all.

Victor/Kate: I liked their scenes together at Aliceís.  I think seeing Victor is a good treat, no matter what.  I canít believe how easily Kate convinced Victor to give Lucas a job.  And this next question is pretty confusing to me.  Why did Victor go off and ask Austin first when Kate clearly asked him to offer Lucas the job?  Oh, well.  Lucas has the job now, anyway, so no matter.

Abe/Lexie: I hope theyíre on their way to a full reconciliation soon.  Abe admitted that he took his anger over his blindess out on Lexie and chased her away, which is the absolute truth, so I give him some credit for admitting it.  Thatís the only thing I have to say about them.

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: While Iím glad that Jennifer finally knows the truth about Jackís illness, watching her finally accept the truth was hard.  Nothing more to be said.  And, unsurprisingly, Frankieís feelings for Jennifer were rekindled, but that is pretty much an old story right now.

Max/Chelsea/Abby: Loved the nod to Abbyís history with her own disease.  I was also surprised at Maxís history.  Iíd originally thought that he and Frankie were biological brothers (since I never watched the show back when they were first introduced).  Imagine my surprise that they werenít.  Chelsea definitely seems to have put her feelings for Patrick behind her and considering trying her hand at a relationship with Max, which I think is a good idea.  Maybe thereís hope for her yet.

And thatís just whatís on my mind!

To let me know whatís on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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