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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Once again, my homework made me late this week.  I just finished it.  Anyway, this week on DAYS was so-so, which is a lot to say for a soap that was coming along nicely throughout the summer. 

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: The baby’s finally here, but of course, we weren’t allowed to see it because they couldn’t find a newborn to play her.  That’s right — her.  Belle had a baby girl.  I don’t know what to say about the name.  Claire?  I . . . guess that’s an okay name.  I don’t know why my blood was boiling when I saw Belle and Philip with her.  Probably because I just know that baby has to be Shawn’s and that I don’t want Philip anywhere near her. 

John/Marlena/Alex: So what can I say now?  Not too much.  Marlena’s skills as a doctor definitely did seem to come back to her when she was helping Belle during her delivery.  But . . . isn’t she a psychiatrist, not an obstetrician/gynecologist?  I was pretty stumped that she delivered Belle’s baby so easily — when it was nearly breeched, no less!  Either way, I liked the flashback of her in labor with Belle (which also must’ve helped).  Now, John and Marlena have their first grandchild together, and this fact is definitely bringing them closer, which is fine by me — anything that happens to doctor-turned-hypnotist Alex’s chagrin is worth watching! 

Lucas/Sami/Will: It’s over.  Lucas and Sami’s wedding over with the official revelation that Sami was Stan.  And not just the wedding’s over.  So is Sami and Lucas’s relationship.  Whether it’s for good or not, I don’t know for sure.  But Sami did mess this one up herself by not telling Lucas sooner, although I do agree that Kate needs to shoulder some of the blame — okay, most of it — for driving Sami to do all of what she did as Stan. 

Austin: Well, Austin’s back in town, and it’s my first time getting to see Austin Peck on the show.  Now, I know he returned last week, but I forgot to comment on him.  He does seem to be Sami’s one and only ally right now, considering she’s lost all the rest of them with the revelation of her Stan secret.  I’m just wondering with whom Austin will be paired — Sami or Nicole?  Or maybe even surprise choice number three — Christie Clark’s reprising her role as Carrie Brady very soon!  I think sometime in November!  I’d personally go for either Nicole or Carrie.  I really do want Lumi to reunite somewhere down the road, and Austin and Nicole were close to starting something up before he left Salem last time.  If Carrie and Mike and have split, then I could go for Austin getting back with her again, too.  Whichever he chooses, welcome back, Austin!  And I liked his scenes with Kathy Griffin, discussing his history with Sami.  The flashbacks helped me get a feel for what’d happened in the past, and gave me the sense that Austin’s history with Sami is richer and more interest than I’d originally thought. 

Roman/Kate: If there was any hope that Rate or Kaman fans had that Roman and Kate would reconcile, it’s most certainly gone now.  I’m glad the Sami/Stan secret is finally out, but I agree with what a few of the other Salemites said — the way Kate revealed it was just too horrible for words.  Sure, Kate accomplished what she wanted to accomplish — stopping Sami and Lucas from getting married — but it came at a terrible price.  Now, Roman definitely doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, and Lucas and Will want her out of their lives.  What made it worse for me is that twice last week, when asked if it was worth it (first by Billie, then by Victor), Kate’s answer was yes!  Well, she’s now getting a real taste of what loneliness is like, and it’s well-deserved. 

Abe/Lexie: The details about Lexie’s affair with Tek may be revealed now that Lexie knows Alex is aware of it.  I’m glad she found out about what Alex has been doing to Marlena, but not so glad the way she handled Alex’s blackmail.  She should be reporting him to the medical board (something I think John should do if she doesn’t) and get his license pulled.  Then, we can see a decent person treat Marlena.  So Lexie’s not really being a good friend to Marlena at this point by allowing Alex to continue his hypnotherapy, aka “brainwashing,” out of fear for her secret being revealed.  The timing couldn’t be worse, either — now Abe wants her back!  At least the Carvers finally have a storyline. 

Bo/Hope: I did not see much of them at all this week except for their romantic night on the Fancy Face III.  But what I saw that I did like was their talk about everything that’d happened with Sami — not to mention their upset that their own niece had nearly gotten their son (Shawn) killed.  I liked that they were at least partially concerned about what would happen to Sami next.  And good touch mentioning Zack this week, too!  Bo’s talk with Chelsea was wonderful, too, although I don’t like that she was easily manipulated by her again — this time into giving her cash.  Two-hundred-and-fifty dollars?!  Damn, that girl’s good at manipulation!  Betcha Hope’s not gonna be too thrilled about that. 

Patrick/Billie/Chelsea: I don’t really care for Chelsea pretending there was static over her cell phone so she wouldn’t have to talk to Billie while she and Patrick were at the bowling alley.  I didn’t like the way she took the news that Billie and Kate, her mother and grandmother, had both been hookers in the past, although I don’t particularly blame her for that.  I guess my world would be rocked, too, if I found out that my mom and grandmother were whores.  As for her talk with Bo, see above for most of what I thought.  Bo did seem to get through to her where Billie was concerned, but she still managed to stiff him out of money, and that wasn’t cool at all.  But I’m at least glad that there’s someone else in Salem who has her number — Shawn seemed to be onto her at the bowling alley, saying Patrick shouldn’t be around Chelsea because she’s “trouble.” 

Next week, Sami is arrested for her crimes as Stan!  And . . . a kiss between Shawn and Mimi is imminent!  Hope you’ll tune in, because I know I will! 

And that’s just what’s on my mind! 

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week! 


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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