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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

My homework didn’t make me too late this week.  I got it all out of the way.  Anyway, this week on DAYS was almost a disaster.  I say “almost” because we got a few good things, but not very many.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: Might I say that Mimi looked beautiful in Caroline’s wedding dress.  Even Shawn said so.  The more times I saw them together, the more I wanted them to get together.  As for the porn they watched, I don’t think that was something you should put on daytime television.  Philip was willing to blame Sami for the loss of his leg.  No, Philip.  You are to blame for that.  You wanted to return to active duty right after you were rescued.  You went onto that minefield.  So if anyone’s to blame, it’s you.  And Belle . . . well, I don’t get what was with her thinking it was too soon for her to go into labor.  She’s long overdue.  But I will say this.  She seems to be the one person who makes Marlena remember the bond she shares with her family.  Whenever she’s had a problem, Marlena’s been there, amnesia or no.  In some way, she might the saving grace of John and Marlena’s storyline.

John/Marlena/Alex: After this week, we can all say one thing about Dr. North — he is evil.  Evil, evil, evil.  He apparently brainwashed Marlena into only caring about him so that she’ll remain dependent on him.  Now, that’s John’s fault this occurred.  He shouldn’t have told Alex about the security system in the first place.  I couldn’t believe how much the brainwashing did to Marlena, though.  All of sudden, she doesn’t care about Sami or Belle or John.  Just Alex.  Plus, all he has to do is say whatever he wants to Marlena and she’ll listen.  Now, John should try to contact every medical board he can to get Alex’s license pulled because this method of treatment is highly unethical.  He even found that out from Lexie.  Either way, this man needs to be stopped.  But this storyline’s finally getting intriguing.  I hope it doesn’t get dragged on too long, though.

Kate/Nicole: I’ll comment on Nicole first.  She honestly believed Brady would be coming back to her?  Delusional, that one.  But the news of Austin coming back to town was wonderful to her.  I started watching DAYS two months after Austin left town, but I’d heard that they’d been in the process of starting something up beforehand.  I’ve love it if they revisited the Austin/Nicole flirtation after Austin gets back.  Nicole needs a man now that there’s no more Brady to pursue.  I think she and Austin would be dynamic.  Anyway, Kate got into the church disguised as Stan.  Too bad no one believed her when she tried to oust Sami as Stan.  At least not until she produced reports from the ISA.  Now, I wonder how she got them?  Probably from Tony.  If he’s able to infiltrate legal organizations, the ISA could probably be one of them, too.

Lucas/Sami/Will: So another wedding’s been ruined for Sami.  And Kate was the one to ruin it this time.  The look on Sami’s face when she broke the mirror was not exactly priceless, but foreboding.  As if the writers were trying to give us a clue that it’d happen.  But the look on her face when Stan showed up was priceless.  And good for her that no one believed Kate.  But too bad those ISA reports came up.  I wonder what’s going to happen to her now?  Probation?  Prison?  Probably the latter.

Roman: All I’m going to say to him is how dare he think he has the right to interrupt Sami’s wedding just for a terror alert?  What would another two minutes have hurt?  Caroline was right — she should’ve been there to stop him.  And why didn’t he just grab “Stan” immediately after he showed himself — the way a real policeman would act?

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: Where Jack and his illness were concerned, fast-forward material.  Especially now that he plans to just disappear and die alone without the family knowing.  Cowardly, stupid, and arrogant, in my opinion.  And thus, fast-forward material.  Frankie and Jennifer’s scenes, though, were beautifully played out — all thanks to Billy Warlock (Frankie) and Melissa Reeves (Jennifer).  But from what I’ve been hearing, the part about Jennifer’s never-mailed letter to Frankie was a history rewrite.  That made the scenes a little bogus to me.  But the acting was good, so that’s as far as I’ll comment.

Abe/Lexie/Tek: The details about Lexie’s affair with Tek may be revealed now that Lexie knows Alex is aware of it.  I’m glad she found out about what Alex has been doing to Marlena, but not so glad the way she handled Alex’s blackmail.  She should be reporting him to the medical board (something I think John should do if she doesn’t) and get his license pulled.  Then, we can see a decent person treat Marlena.  So Lexie’s not really being a good friend to Marlena at this point by allowing Alex to continue his hypnotherapy, aka “brainwashing,” out of fear for her secret being revealed.  The timing couldn’t be worse, either — now Abe wants her back!  At least the Carvers finally have a storyline.

Bo/Hope/Chelsea: Not much of them this week.  But I hate that Bo was manipulated so easily by Chelsea.  Sorry, Bo, but you have to face the facts — your little girl is a tramp.  Hope and Jennifer see that, you should see that, too.  No parent would let their daughter dress as slutty as that.

Patrick/Billie/Chelsea/Max: I loved it when Billie said that Chelsea was the greatest thing Bo ever gave her.  Even Chelsea seemed to like hearing that.  But of course, she went right back to lusting after Patrick — her mother’s boyfriend — again, which is really getting old.  Why can’t Chelsea see that he’s just not that into her?  Oh, and by the way, Sami called her out on her slutty dress, which was slightly uncalled for, but slightly deserved.  So she runs off to the Java Café, meets Max, and after failing to get sex from him, decides to use him again to make Patrick jealous.  My God, why can’t she see that the right man is right in front of her?  It gets better, though (and I say this sarcastically) — in exchange for being nice to Billie, now Patrick has to take her out on a real date.  I can only imagine where this is going to lead.

Next week, Lucas and Sami’s wedding is over, but Austin’s back (yay!) to pick up the pieces!  So tune in.  I sure will.

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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