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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Hi, folks.  Sorry this week’s column is so late, just like last week.  School has started, and I’ve kinda had a lot on my plate in terms of homework and essays — and I’m only in the second week!  Anyway, this week on DAYS wasn’t the best, but I saw some good things, so it wasn’t all bad.  Let’s begin.

Chloe/Brady/Nicole: Their wedding was the prime focus of the week.  And might I say that I seriously hated that wedding dress Chloe was wearing.  I don’t know where she got it from, but she should’ve put it back!  And she took her whining to a whole new level this week when, after being told AGAIN that Brady would love her, with or without scars, she flat-out said she didn’t care.  But she finally got to the church, and that was good.  I’ll just bet you her scars fully healed.  Since she’s been whining about them for months, it’s only natural they’d finally hear them.  And as far as Nicole’s concerned, that girl just won’t accept it, will she?  She’s becoming more and more desperate each second!  She lost Brady, there’s no getting him back after she lied to him for months.  (I know, I know!  Chloe’s the one who faked her death.  But Nicole went along with it!  That’s all that matters here!)

Craig/Nancy/Joy: The Wesleys were back, making the first of what may be their final appearances.  It was so lovely to see Craig and Nancy back in Salem, and even more wonderful to see Joy.  Although I could’ve sworn she should just be two-and-a-half now.  Hope said it right — she’d grown up so fast!  She must be Zack’s age now (nice to see him this week, too, I might add).

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: I loved hearing Mimi rail right at Belle this week over her bout with the cramps.  On some level, I think she did do that to get Shawn to notice her.  Yeah, it happened for real, but I think she wanted Shawn to notice her.  If she wants Shawn that badly, she should just tell Philip the truth.  Yeah, he’ll be hurt, but all three of them can finally move on and she can just stop the jealous looks at Shawn and Mimi and be with Shawn again.  Oh, but no, she has to “do the honorable thing” and “honor her marriage vows.”  Sheesh.  The character of Belle Black has become so mousy, she could practically use a piece of cheese.

John/Marlena/Alex: Marlena has certainly become dependent on Alex.  And Alex is proving to be a sneaky snake-in-the-grass, hoping Marlena’s memory flashes draw her closer to him.  So far, they are, judging by that kiss Marlena laid on him — and that he absolutely seemed to love!  Man, if this guy were really trustworthy, he would be pushing Marlena away whenever she kissed him, not willingly accepting them!  Good thing John walked in on one of them and pretty much began having his suspicion about Alex.  Will this storyline finally make a move forward?  Maybe.  Oh, and the way Marlena spoke to Sami at the wedding wasn’t exactly nice, either, but it was understandable.  She didn’t feel comfortable around her.  (And who does?)

Roman/Kate: As much as I like Kate hearing everything she needs to hear from Roman, how many exchanges do we have to see before DAYS feels we get the point?  I get it!  They’re over!  They can stop fighting now!

Lucas/Sami/Will: Usually, when Sami blames John for something, my blood boils.  But this week, I kind of agreed with her.  It is his fault Marlena’s treating her loved ones the way she is.  If he hadn’t let Marlena go off with a man she didn’t even know, this wouldn’t be happening.  So I support her in this case.  As for her future with Lucas and Will, well, I think I finally got my fill for seeing them all together and talking about “being a real family” this week.  Too bad it may not happen now that Tony’s escape plan went awry.  Speaking of which . . .

Tony/Bart: Ha-ha-ha, Tony!  Your escape plan went totally wrong, and now, you’re back where you belong: BEHIND BARS!  Now, all you can do is expose Sami as Stan.  Bart, on the other hand, continues to be funny with his seemingly unlimited supply of costumes — the priest, the clown, the stripper, the guard . . . he is an amazing character!  I love him to death!  What I loved even more was his brief scene with Bonnie!  Those two seemed to have so much chemistry between them!  I would love it if they put these together, because that’s what DAYS needs right now — another fun couple that’d be 2005’s answer to Eugene and Calliope, and Ivan and Vivian!

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: I know they did something this week, but unfortunately, I forgot, so I have to say that I’m skipping them.

Abe/Tek: It was nice to see Abe on again, and even better to see him on the job, even if he had retired.  He didn’t have any bad exchanges of words with Tek, which is interesting, because he usually always says something harsh about him.  I don’t know much else to say about either of them.

Bo/Hope/Patrick/Billie/Chelsea: Now that Chelsea knows her family ties, she wants to cash in on them (mainly her grandparents, Victor and Kate, who have all the money) all as an act of revenge for them abandoning her years ago — which wasn’t their fault!  Man, this girl is really driving me crazy right now!  Although Rachel Melvin, I think, is getting much better at the role.  Anyway, Hope still seems to have the Salem brain as she certainly has Chelsea’s number.  This woman just won’t let anything get past her, will she?  Too bad Bo and Billie are so blissful that they know their daughter is, they’re practically blinded by her faults and are giving her way too much leeway.  And the fact that Bo’s constant suspicion/malice toward Patrick and his fear that he’s going to do something to Chelsea is keeping him from seeing his daughter’s true self isn’t really helping, either.  One day, he’s going to find out Hope is right and he’s going to really sorry.

Next week (really later this week), Brady and Chloe’s honeymoon begins as the two of them make their departure from Salem!  And other things happen, too, but by now, you’ve already seen a lot.

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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