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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

Hi, folks.  Sorry this weekís column is so late.  I was out of town, taking one last vacation before school started.  And when I did, get back, I got a little lazy and just didnít have the energy to write a column.  Not for any of the past few days.  But Iím back now, so to start this out, the showís uphill climb is definitely over.  At least for now.

Brady/Chloe: More whining from Chloe, more reassuring from Brady, blah, blah, blah . . . At least Chloe interacted with John and Victor this week.  But thatís the only thing that was really new with them this week.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: So now, Shawnís going to be working as a bartender at Aliceís only so Bonnie can push Mimi into taking advantage of that, considering she, too, is now working there (as a waitress).  Itís obviously driving Belle out of her mind, but I donít feel sorry for her at all.  She led Shawn on too long to really give her another chance.  Meanwhile, itís apparent Philipís loving this.  He is probably being such a supporter of them getting together so Shawn doesnít try and win back Belle.  Hell, itís obvious heís trying to manipulate them by the way heís so eager to get together.  Well, he is Victor and Kateís son, so manipulation may very well be in his genes.  I guess some of the high school Philip (which Jay ó we miss you so much! ó was playing at the time) is rushing right back to us.

Marlena/Alex: Iím not going to comment on this story much, except to say that Alex is definitely not a nice guy like I thought he was.  He has an agenda.  The only thing we can do is figure out what it is.  This storyline is interesting and absurd at the same time, which is why I like it.  Sort of.

Roman/Kate/Victor: Roman definitely wants nothing more to do with Kate, as he asked her for a divorce this week.  Kate tried once again tried to defend her actions, but oh, no, Roman wasnít going to be swayed.  Yes, Kate did what she did to Sami out of love for her son, but she was too willing to wreck three lives ó Samiís, Lucasís, and Willís ó to do it.  I agree with Roman.  Thatís just inexcusable.  But then again, a part of me canít help but wonder if he was just looking for the perfect excuse to dump Kate so he could hope to pursue Marlena again (heíll have a snowballís chance in hell at that).  Meanwhile, Kate and Victorís scenes were lovely.  Full of chemistry, of course.  Itís obvious Victor wants Kate to keep out of Bo and Hopeís relationship now that Georgiaís been found.  Donít blame him for teling her this.  Georgia may be Victor and Kateís granddaughter, but Bo is his (Victorís) son, and he already has a family of his own with Hope, Shawn, and Zack.  He doesnít want to see his sonís life get even more complicated.  Kate, of course, doesnít give a damn and crossed her fingers behind her back after making her promise to Victor.  Kate, Kate, Kate, when will you ever learn?  Probably when a viable Democrat becomes President.  Which should be never.

Lucas/Sami/Will: I just loved the little family scenes these three had this week.  How tragic it will be when the Stan secret is found out and it all suddenly comes to an end.  Meanwhile, Willís voice has gotten so deep!  I could hardly recognize the kid!  But he needs a serious haircut.  Iím not really comfortable with the Welcome Back, Kotter look.  Oh, and he was way out of line when he said that he and Lucas would be out of Samiís lives for good if Sami lied to them again.  Especially since she wasnít lying the last time.  At least Will now knows what his grandmotherís like, and Lucas will make sure Willís wary around her now.  On a final note for this storyline, Iím not going to comment on Sami helping out with Tonyís escape because the whole thingís stupid that theyíre even thinking about keeping Tony on the show after all heís done.

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie/Patrick: All I can recall Jack doing is being an ass to Patrick.  Again.  Iím so sick of his being so malicious to Patrick that Iím not going to comment on him at all.  As for Frankie, he found out something about Patrick ó the government has a big file on Patrick, presumably because they could be keeping him out of prison long enough to nail a criminal who may be even bigger than Tony.  But who?  Oh!  Oh!  I know!  Stefano?  Could this be a hint that Stefano may be coming back?  If only for a handful of episodes?  No, I doubt it.  Joseph Mascolo (ex-Stefano) is now known as Massimo Marone over on B&B.  Never mind.  So could this be some new villain Patrickís working for that may surface in Salem eventually?  Could be.  And hopefully, that is the case.  But whoever it is, Frankie definitely wants to solve this mystery surrounding Patrick.

Tek/Lexie: Boring.  Disgusting.  Lexieís already cheated on Abe, her husband, three times ó once with his brother (Jonah), once with his son (Brandon), and now, once with his supposed friend (Tek).  This whole storyís got no point to it whatsoever.  Moving on.

Max/Chelsea: Even if he did just take her to a motel after ďrescuingĒ her from her newfound parents, Maxís gesture to Chelsea/Georgia did seem romantic.  Heís definitely not the slimeball he was when he first showed up.  Of course, I think itís kinda icky that he was about to sleep with his half-niece.  Yeah, I know, I know.  Max is only a Brady by adoption.  Chelsea is a Brady by blood.  But still, itís kind of sick.  And I did feel bad for him when Bo almost pounded him for nearly sleeping with her.

Bo/Hope/Patrick/Billie/Chelsea: Chelsea finding out sheís Georgia and the resulting fallout was the center focus of this week.  Pamela over at the DAYS site at gave Bo the moniker ďNeanderthal BoĒ in her most recent column (read it here).  His actions really do support the name.  He jumped to several wrong conclusions and attacked Patrick numerous times and nearly pounded the crap out of Max, his own brother ó both cases over Chelsea/Georgia.  She was clearly loving the whole thing, knowing it was all about her.  Luckily for all of us, thereís a reasonable, responsible adult who has her number: Hope.  Good for her.  She saw that she was interested in Patrick, an older man, and Hope herself took an interest in an older man (remember Larry Welch, anyone?), so she knows what to expect.  As for Billie, I donít know whether she did or didnít have the slap (which Chelsea gave her) coming to her.  I think she kinda did only because of the way she told Chelsea the news.  But then again, Chelseaís her daughter, so she shouldnít have slapped Billie.  Ah, I donít know.  All I do know is that Chelseaís not going to accept her new family so easily.  (Billie can certainly relate to that, since she didnít except Kate that easily.)  All I can say is, I hope it doesnít take too long for her to finally accept them.  A time may come when sheíll need them more than she even knows.

Next week (really later this week), Brady and Chloeís wedding finally gets underway, Chelsea plots her revenge on her family, and Tonyís escape begins.

And thatís just whatís on my mind!

To let me know whatís on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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