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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

I guess we should call Sami the master of disguise, because she is able to transform herself so no one is able to recognize her. Well, not really, but at least to the people in the town. I will say that Samiís Barbara disguise was cute, but it was a good thing that these cops that are guarding Tony arenít the same cops that would recognize her as Commanders Bradyís daughter, because a wig and glasses is not a top-notch scam. Kate was amusing when she saw Sami in that getup she started yelling and carrying on as a spoiled little brat. I was glad that Lucas didnít see her and made Kate look like a total idiot.

Jack, Jennifer, and Frankie

I am immensely enjoying Frankie being back, but I hate that Jack convinced him to go along with his insane plan. For one, Jennifer is an adult that can take care of herself if Jackís life does expire. Jack is limiting Jennifer from making her own choices about her own life and that just isnít right. Yes, it is a nice thought that you have someone who loves you that much that will go through all of this torment to find a replacement, but it just isnít necessary. I think that Jen and Frankie would have been pulled together without Jackís manipulation once Jack is out of the picture.

Jen and Frankie in the closet together were cute and you can see just well these two actors work together. Although as much as I liked the dress up part, it just seemed to happen as soon as they figured out they were locked in the closet. Jennifer told Jack it was because they were bored; wow they must have very short attention spans!


I donít have really any emotion or interest in Chloe and Brady at the moment. I am looking forward to the wedding just to get rid of these characters. With Brady rumored to be leaving at the same time as Chloe at least it will make room for other interesting characters that we like and want to see be seen more. Honestly if they didnít show Brady and Chloe anymore I donít think I would lose any sleep over it. I used to be a huge Brady and Chloe fan I guess it just fizzled out!

Welcome back, Georgia

The highlight of the week was the revelation that Chelsea was in fact Georgia, was everyone as shocked as I when the cat was let out of the bag. I just donít understand why Tony decided to tell Billie the truth now, when he has this scheme to have Sami bust him of the pen. Tony must be up to something, because it just isnít like him to be that nice unless he has something bigger planned.

As much as Tony hates the Brady family, Billie and Tony were once pretty close. If Tony is out for revenge because John stole Kristen from him why is he punishing Billie? Billie and Kristen were very good friends as well as Billie and Tony. That is why it is so unbelievable how Tony treats Billie. I donít ever recall a falling out between these two.

I have a problem with Bo and Billie at the moment. They went behind Chelseaís back and conducted a DNA test to determine if she was in fact Georgia. Chelsea is eighteen years old and is a legal adult. How could a hospital do a test without the consent from one of the parties involved in the test? I think Chelsea should sue the hospital when she finds out that the test were done without her knowledge and get some kind of settlement from it.

The Patrick-Max Irony

Has everyone noticed Patrick is treating Max the same way all of the men in Salem treats Patrick? How funny is that, you would think that Patrick of all people would give another guy the benefit of the doubt just because how he is treated? Patrick is turning into the Bo for Max. I just thought that was kind of interesting!


I havenít talked about Josh that much because I didnít think we would ever see him again after Abby gave him her phone number. He is very interesting character and unique pairing between these two. Josh reminds me a little of Kevin, which was Mimiís first boyfriend. He was on just enough to edge Mimi into her own story. Hopefully Josh will do this for Abby, push her out of Chelsea/Georgia and into her own storyline. Iím curious to see how this young actress does!


Too bad Roman didnít catch Kate going through his computer files instead of Lucas. I donít like Kate but I do understand why she is so determined to break Lucas and Sami up. Sami and Kate are the same type of people they always do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Kate knows that there is something that will stop the wedding, but for once I hope Sami does in fact get married the secret comes out down the line after a few months of happiness. Maybe this way Lucas and Sami will work through her being Stan, not likely though.


Iím always afraid that when an older character has a storyline that once it wraps up we will hardly ever see them again. How refreshing it was to see Caroline being the hostess of the St. Lukeís Dance. We also got to see her reunion with Frankie, which was awesome. Peggy McCay is such a wonderful actress we need to see her involved in more scenes!

Motherly Advice

Kudos to Sami giving her little sister Belle some advice on how difficult and wonderful it is to have a child. It was about time that Sami starts being nice to someone other than Lucas and Will. The one thing that was cool about this scene between Sami and Belle was the fact that Allison herself has her own new baby. So I bet Ali didnít have to act too much while filming that scene, it came natural to her.

Odds and Ends

Chelsea while talking to Abby told her ďIím out of here!Ē This is the same phrase that Bo uses to the people around him when he is about to take off. Was that a bone thrown to the viewers? It was kind of neat!

My other little thought was how cool it is to see tiny Hope eat potato chips and then before leaving with Patrick she takes a handful of them? I love when Days of our Lives includes common everyday life activities, like munching on not just one potato chip, but a bunch of them!!

Hey itís just what I think!


A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference!

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Page updated 11/17/12

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