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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

I think the showís uphill climb ended this week.  Right now, itís just holding steady.  But I think itís still doing a great job at showing us some good stuff, so who knows?  Anyway, on to this week.  And Iíll try to condense everything so I donít ramble on too long.

Brady/Chloe: To sum things up, there were only on one day again this week.  We saw Chloe do more of her whining over her scars and Brady do more of his reassuring.  Man, I donít know what happened to Broe.  They used to be such a good couple, but lately, most of their scenes have been so . . . boring.  I mean, Chloeís whining alone self-destructed them.  I am almost looking forward to their upcoming departure from the show.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: Shawn and Mimi are getting hotter by the moment to me.  Itís quite possible that Philipís pulling the strings behind their pairing, but I donít care.  As I said last week, Belleís worth neither Shawnís time nor our time, so I think itís time for him to move on.  And he told Belle as much.  Looks like the hypocrite just canít accept that now, and I donít feel sorry for her at all.

Marlena/Alex: Iím still trying to figure out Dr. North.  Some people think he is the real Roman Brady, which I hope is the case.  Others think he is Stefano DiMera in disguise.  Canít be possible.  How could he suddenly be looking so young?  Then, I hear buzz that heís a doctor in the DiMera Organization.  That is probably more likely to be true, but I still donít know.  But all I do know is that he and Marlena have a past connection.  And knowing that Marlena had those memory flashes with him in them are proof it.  Not to mention that searing kiss and near-miss at making love.  On a side note, kudos to Deidre Hall for portraying Marlenaís hurt at her own behavior and that awesome crying.

John/Roman: I didnít see enough of them this week to real say much about them.  Except those were good fatherĖdaughter scenes I saw between Roman and Sami.  They remind you of just how close Sami really is to her parents and how much she loves them.  And all I have to say about John is that he needs to stop defending the woman (Kate) who hurt the girl he raised (Sami).  Itís his defending Kate the way he does that makes me think they deserve each other.

Lucas/Sami/Kate/Nicole: Right now, Sami and Lucasís wedding is in danger of not happening because of the secret about her being Stan.  Kateís definitely eager to find out that secret and is obviously willing to do whatever it takes to get it, including trying to bribe it out of the now-down-on-her-luck Nicole, lying to the police to question Tony, looking up criminal records on Romanís computer ó and probably much more.  And Samiís alias in sneaking in to talk to Tony was comical ó Barbara Couda, barracuda.  Ha!  Hilarious!  But now, she thinks her only hope in keeping the Stan secret a secret is helping Tony escape from prison.  I donít agree with that (I think she should just tell Lucas the truth so Tony will have nothing on her), but itís Sami.  On a side note, I loved her scenes with Belle and telling her about being a first-time mother.  Even if her words did sound like something Alison Sweeney ó new mother herself ó would actually say.

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: You know how Jack and Jenniferís names alone make them so compatible?  Jack and Jennifer also share names with, respectively, a male donkey and a female donkey (although a female donkey is actually called a jenny).  It works out, because now, Iím really beginning to seeing what a total ASS Jenniferís married to.  (Get it?)  In order to make absolutely sure Frankie spent more time with Jennifer, Jack locked them both in a storage closet filled with mementos of their past as teenagers, as well as played a song from their past on a boom box (thank God we didnít hear ďStand by MeĒ again).  Too bad Caroline came in and ruined it all.  Speaking of Caroline, I loved her reunion with Frankie, short as it was.  Anyway, back to the topic.  Jack, Jack, Jack!  Just tell Jennifer the truth!  Thereís no need for this!  No need at all!  Iím really getting frustrated with this storyline, and I might not comment much on it next week.

Josh/Abby: Theyíre an okay couple, but I donít think DAYS intends to make them a long-term couple, considering how fast they went from their first time meeting each other to their first and second kisses.  Thatís all Iím going to say for now.

Max/Chelsea: Itís obvious Max has really grown to care about Chelsea, considering the way he romanced her in Fridayís episode.  I think Chelsea was truly flattered by this, but she still has the hots for Patrick only (nice to see him shoot her down, though).  But hopefully, sheíll realize just how much better sheíd have it if she got with Max (kinda icky, though ó now that we know sheís really Georgia, isnít Max technically her uncle, as heís Grandpa Shawn and Carolineís adoptive son?).

Bo/Hope/Patrick/Billie/Chelsea: The primary focus of the week was definitely their storyline.  For that reason, this part will be the only really long part.  It was finally confirmed that Chelsea Benson is really Georgia Brady.  No surprise there.  We all figured it out months ago.  Now, Bo wants to make sure sheís away from Patrick.  Itís understandable ó as a father, heíd want his daughter away from a man he didnít trust.  Granted, a man he has no real, valid reason not to trust.  (Seriously, there are a lot of you who agree with Bo that Patrick may not be on the up-and-up, but the majority of viewers donít agree with Bo, and I am one of them.  And I was glad to see Hope disagreed with him, too, even though now, Billie seems to agree with him.)  Right now, though, Iíd just be wondering how this new piece of information will affect his marriage if I were Bo.  Hope seems to have thought about it.  Even Billie has, and sheís not even married to Bo.  And what was with Patrickís flashback of him kissing Hope on the island?  Are they giving us some sort of indication that this Georgia storyline will be gradually moving into an infidelity storyline?  I think it will if Bo and Billie spend too much time with her and Bo neglects Hope, sending her right into Patrickís arms.  (At least theyíll be even after Boís previous infidelity with Billie.)

Next week, desperation finally kicks in for Sami as she falls right into a trap set by Roman, a Kate/Nicole alliance is definitely going to begin, and Chelsea finally finds out sheís Georgia.

And thatís just whatís on my mind!

To let me know whatís on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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