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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin

Frankly Nicole, I donít give a damn!

How funny was Victorís tribute to Ret Butler classic Gone With the Wind line? It was a very still atmosphere when Nicole heard Victorís voice as she turned to see her back from the dead husband. At least Nicole wonít be going to jail for what she had attempted to do to Victor. It will be very amusing to see just what in fact Nicole will do since she is out of her mansion and her money.

My one complaint is that the bank notified Brady when Nicole transferred money out of her account. I say her account, because she is the widow of Victor or so she thought at the time. The bank had no right to call Brady unless he is the one in charge of the finances. Hopefully now Nicole will wise up and see what a loser Brady is and she can move on to other endeavors. With the return of Austin in a few weeks could Nicole and Austin continue their friendship that they were just starting to have before he left.

MarlenaÖ. Samantha?

Here is the last buzz going around the Internet at the moment, and it does make sense and I really like this idea to a point, but let me give a brief background. Back in the late70ís and early 80ís Salem was introduced to Marlenaís twin sister Samantha, who was played by her real life twin sister, who was on a few years ago as Hattie the bizarre waitress that was in love with Roman. During the early 80ís I believe the Salem Strangler was introduced to wreck havoc on the entire town of Salem, which freighted the women who was the Stranglerís main target.

Marlena had been in Salem for a few years by that time and was already the fan favorite. According to the story the Salem Strangler was targeting Marlena. On one Friday episode the show ended with what was probably the biggest cliffhanger Days of our Lives fans had ever experienced. The Salem Strangler strangled their beloved Marlena Evans to death. From magazines I have read I guess right after that episode aired the switch board at Days of our Lives began to flash non-stop as well as thousand of telegrams began to pour into the studio all outraged that Marlena was killed. When Mondayís episode aired and it turned out that Samantha not Marlena was the woman that was killed. Iím sure a huge sigh of relief was exhaled as the Marlena fans rejoiced that she was still alive.

Now getting to the current rumors. It is speculated that Marlena was in fact the woman that was killed and Samantha this entire time has been playing the role of her life by pretending to her sister Marlena, which she had done before (if you donít know that story e-mail and Iíll tell it to you). Now my thoughts on this prediction is that maybe the woman we are watching at the moment could be Samantha. One clue is because Marlena hated the taste of her favorite cookie that her mother made. Next the flashbacks that we are seeing are not between Marlena and Alex, but in fact are between Samantha and Alex.

Tony could have switched the sisters at some point, and the woman who made love to Roman would have been Samantha. (Side note Samantha was an out of work actress when she came to Salem.) If she is Samantha I do believe that the Strangler did not kill Marlena that it was in fact Samantha that was attacked but not killed, because if the writers would rewrite history and say that Marlena was killed by the Strangler not only would that be upsetting, but everything we had been watching up to this point would be a lie. Even though that is very fascinating to me, I donít think other fans would feel the same way about it.

The reason I like this story if it pans out, is because I was too young to remember Samantha and they rarely show flash backs or old episodes with her in it, but she was supposed to be worse than her namesake Sami is today. That is why I think that yes it could be Samantha and I am hoping that it is, but then that would mean that Marlena is kidnapped once again. Now in actuality this entire rumor is probably just that a rumor. Which would mean Marlena did lose her memory and Dr. North would either be an old boyfriend, the real Roman, or possible Stefano, which is also being speculated.

Mimi and Shawn

Let me say these two characters are so much hotter together than Shawn and Belle. Mimi and Shawnís chemistry is off the charts. I say make room for Salemís hottest new couple. The flashbacks between these two are awesome to watch, because I remember those scenes when they first aired and never saw the sparks between these characters, until now. The reason that many didnít notice the attraction is because when Kristen Storms played Belle at the time Belle and Shawn were the ďitĒ couple, but now I think Mimi and Shawn are the ďitĒ couple!


How funny was Tony while he was at the Brady Pub and everyone seemed to want to give him a piece of their minds and or ask about something that he did to them. I liked after Lexie slapped him, which yes he deserved and much worse, and then Tony yelled ďNext!Ē when Lucas was approaching him. Tony does have one thing on his side the information that Sami was Stan, now it is a race against Nicole and Kate to tell her secret. Speaking of Nicole, I wonder if Nicole will become allies with Tony?

Max and Chelsea

So Max can use his brain over other body parts. First with Chelsea telling him that she wants to give him her virginity, but she still wants Patrick and Max still was going to sleep with her I thought him as just a dog. Then Max remember what Frankie told him and Max wanted to get to know her better and maybe fall in love. Then my opinion of Chelsea wasnít very high, because she basically said that love was with Patrick and she was just using Max. Oh if Chelsea is Georgia boy will Bo and Billie have their hands full.

I will say with Chelsea giving Billie that horrible lecture about Billie not being a good mother was completely out of line. Yes, maybe Billie is being too protective of Chelsea after all she is eighteen and responsible for her own actions now, but I donít care how old someone is you give respect to the one that you are allowing to help you. Chelsea agreed to live with Patrick and Billie, if she doesnít like them meddling in her personal life then all she has to do is move out.


Okay so we find out that Patrick had this all planned to capture Tony and he a good guy. I still donít believe that he is a good guy. Now all of a sudden Patrick is wise and told Billie that maybe Chelsea is Georgia, could it be part of Tonyís plan, for Patrick to tell Billie? Patrick is still very shady in my book!


The one thing that we didnít get to see yet was Caroline and Samiís reunion. These two have always been close to each other and I would have thought Sami being Sami would have took a moment and ran over to her grandma and interrupted her grandparentís reunion so she could be center of her grandmotherís attention. Iím just glad that everyone is finally back where they belong and Tony is captured for now at least it wonít last. Now lets see Caroline and Victor on the show and not forgot about now that they are back home.

Hey, itís just what I think!


A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference!

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The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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