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2005 Our Opinion!

My Opinion by Jamison

This was probably the best week so far since the show hit its uphill climb.  At long last, we saw not one, but two people get their comeuppance.  And a question that we’ve been wondering for months was finally asked on the show.

Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: After a little urging from Bonnie, Mimi and Shawn go dancing at Alice’s.  And when Belle and Philip show up there, too, and see them dancing together, Philip looks clearly pleased.  A lot of people think he’s trying to manipulate the situation to push a Shawn/Mimi relationship just so Shawn will stay away from Belle because he knows she still loves Shawn.  Belle, on the other hand, looks jealous.  I knew she couldn’t let go of Shawn that easily, yet she keeps denying her true feelings to herself.  I must admit, I’m not feeling the least bit sorry for her.  She had her chance to end things with Philip and be with the man she loves.  Instead, she’s just continuing to lead both of them of them on, and it’s unfair to both.  So Belle deserves anything she gets from here on out.  I enjoyed the scenes of Shawn and Mimi getting all hot and heavy on Shawn’s bed after Shawn started tickling Mimi.  I really would like to see these two get together, because quite frankly, Belle really isn’t worth Shawn’s time — or ours — anymore.

John/Marlena/Alex: So John flew Marlena and Alex to Alex’s secluded cabin in the mountains and left Marlena with him.  Now, Marlena’s starting to get memories of her favorite foods back, as well as memories of the mysterious Dr. North.  I don’t buy this crap about projecting memories onto him.  Marlena’s remembering something about this guy, and anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that right in front of their faces.  I’m more convinced than ever that Dr. North is Roman (the real one) and that as soon as Marlena gets her memory back, she’s going to be put with him.

Roman/Kate: They only made one appearance this week, so I don’t have all that much to say about them.  Looks like they’re still at odds, not that I can blame either one of them.  Roman’s not going to forgive Kate for what she did to Sami, so Kate might as well start looking for her next squeeze.  John, maybe?  He seems to stick up for when it’s obvious he shouldn’t, so they’d be perfect for one another.

Lucas/Sami: So Sami’s really in the hot seat now that Tony was finally captured (more on that later).  She’s worried that Tony will reveal the secret that she was Stan.  I think he will if she doesn’t.  He almost did in the Brady Pub.  (“Where’s Stan?” Lucas demanded of Tony.  “Why don’t you ask Samantha?” Tony replied.)  But Sami lied her way out of it.  If Sami’s so scared of the truth coming from someone else, why doesn’t she just tell the truth herself and get it over with?  I am very glad she’s back with Lucas, but I won’t feel sorry for at all if her secret gets out and loses Lucas because of it.

Jack/Jennifer/Frankie: So Frankie finally knows the truth about Jack’s illness.  And he’s reluctantly agreed to go along with Jack’s plan and act as his replacement when he’s gone.  Truthfully, I’m disgusted with both of these men.  How dare they decide on how Jennifer lives her own life?  And who is Jack to decide what Jennifer will do?  Is she not a strong woman?  That’s what I’ve heard.  Yes, Jennifer will hurt.  She’ll be vulnerable.  But she’ll pick up and move on in time, and even Jack should know that.  Now, when Frankie called Jack on his true motives behind his plan (to keep Patrick from getting with Jennifer when he’s gone), I was thrilled that someone said something about that.  Because yes, Jack, that is your true motive for doing this.  You’re not afraid of her being alone, because you’d prefer that over her being with Patrick.  But I’m going to go easy on Jack from this point on about Patrick.  Consider this.  I believe that, on some level, Jack looks at Patrick and is reminded a lot of himself back in his days as a villain.  You know, the days in which he raped Kayla Brady and married Melissa Anderson for her money or something like that.  And I guess Jack does not want that kind of person resembling his past self around his family.  I guess this is understandable.  But not really excusable because Jack has no reason to believe Patrick really will move in on Jennifer.  (Completely doubt it.  He’s getting cozy with Billie now.)

The DiMera Island: Instead of using charater names, like I usually do, I just used the name of the place.  Anyway, Tony was poised to murder either Bo or Hope randomly.  But after being railed at by Hope, Billie, and, unsurprisingly, Bo for betraying them, Patrick helped bring down Tony and claimed that he’d been pretending to work for Tony all along.  Why am I not surprised?  Probably because Patrick wasn’t that convincing last week when he declared his loyalty to Tony.  (I’m really pondering this mystery over as to which side Patrick’s really on.  Is he really a good guy or a bad guy?  An undercover ISA agent or an actual DiMera operative?)  Anyway, thanks to some explosions he (Patrick) timed perfectly (he checked his watch after the first explosion went off), they managed to turn the tables on Tony and apprehend him.  Unfortunately, Bart escaped from capture, but at least Tony was captured.  Not mention trick Billie into self-destructing his computer with the files on Georgia.  Now, Tony finally revealed, minutes before his capture, that Georgia lived in Salem all the time, and that she was going by a different name.  He mentioned how stupid Bo and Billie are not to have figured it out sooner, which I really agree with.  I guess this story’s on its way to its conclusion soon (please!).

The Reunions/Tony’s Comeuppance: I loved watching Thursday’s episode, when Tony was finally brought back to Salem to face all the ones he’d wronged at the Brady Pub.  I don’t buy what he said to John at all — that this whole thing had been about getting even with John for what happened with Kristen.  Tony, it was over a freaking decade ago.  Get over it!  Anyway, John, Abe, Lexie, and Lucas all got the chance to tell Tony exactly what they thought of him.  My personal favorite was Lexie turning her back on Tony — especially when he said all those horrible things about Abe.  Props go to Renée Jones (Lexie) for that performance.  It was a little bit funny watching Tony try to make light of that situation with his snarky one-liners.  Now, as far as the reunions go, I think they were bittersweet.  Grandpa Shawn could’ve been more convincing in showing his joy of Caroline coming back.  Roman nailed it, though.  And isn’t Sami supposed to be close to her Grandma Caroline?  Why didn’t she welcome her back?  Lastly, I guess this is the last time we will see Victor and Caroline with each other now that they’re back home again.

Patrick/Billie/Chelsea/Max: So Chelsea has decided to give her virginity to Max as a token of gratitude for bailing her out of that situation with the police.  Abby nearly talked her out of it, saying that sex should only be with someone you love.  Which is true, but who do you really see waiting for that these days?  Not as many as you believe.  The same thing was said to Max by Frankie (good to see these two brothers talking to one another), and he, like Chelsea also ignored that advice.  But it takes Patrick and Billie finding them on the verge of making love in Chelsea’s bed to fully convince Max that they should get to know each other first before they do any physical stuff.  Now, I am no big fan of Rachel Melvin as Chelsea (I really liked Mandy Musgrave in the role, though), but I do think she played the hell out of the scenes in which she went on that tirade against Billie, saying that she wasn’t her mother, and that she hoped she never found Georgia.  And she was right — Billie was using Chelsea, on some level, as a replacement for Georgia.  Patrick comforting Billie after that was sweet and adorable.  And he gets credit putting Tony’s clues together for posing the question many of us have wanted answered for months: Is Chelsea Georgia?  Personally, I think it makes sense.  She and Billie have the same rare blood marker — a dead giveaway — and she seems to resemble both Billie and Bo in some ways.  So this story needs to wind down because all the months of them searching for Georgia got really old, really fast.

Next week, we learn who Georgia really is (big whoop — sarcasm), a shocking development in the Alex/Marlena storyline comes to light, and . . . is a Kate/Nicole alliance in the works?

And that’s just what’s on my mind!

To let me know what’s on your mind, you can always contact me at

See you next week!


The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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