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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2005 Our Opinion!

Days Opinion by Justin


First, let me start out by saying that I love the mean Mimi toward Belle. Belle has always been portrayed to be the wholesome do-no-wrong woman. No she is in an unthinkable situation with Phillip instead of her beloved Shawn and now she is estranged from her best friend. Honestly Iím on Mimiís side about Belle at the moment. Yes, Mimi was the one who did lied, but I have watched that episode where Rex overhears Belle talking about the abortion, and Belle was in the wrong. If you are able to see that episode again, listen to the volume of Belle voice after Mimi tells her the Rex was right outside. Belle starts to talks louder, as if she wants Rex to hear, some best friend!

Now the possibility that Mimi and Shawn will start a romance of their own is very captivating at the moment. It wonít last, because eventually Shawn and Belle will get back together, but maybe a whirlwind romance between Mimi and Shawn will help mend their broken hearts for now.

Dr. North

Dr. North believes that Marlena has to be in seclusion in order to regain her memory. I would be in full support of this is Dr. North is the real Roman, because if he is the real Roman then I will be the second in line to be on the Marlena and Roman bandwagon. Second, because Sami would leapfrog over my back!

I was surprised that John did in fact agree to let Dr. North take his Doc away. John told Dr. North that there are some people out there that would love to take advantage of Marlena in this state, but what if Dr. North is working for Tony?


I will say that it is suspenseful to watch when Tony kidnaps and torments the good people of Salem, but the day will come when the Dimeras wonít be able to bring up ratings what will Days do then?

Did anyone catch on Mondayís episode that Tony said that his revenge on John and Marlena has already started with the help of a remote control? Could Tony be using a type of device that Stefano used on Vivian to control emotions, but in this situation an on and off switch to block Marlenaís memory?


As of right now Patrick is a bad guy once again. This isnít going to be true I think that Patrick has a plan and it will work once again like it did on the island. Patrick will pretend to be working for Tony and then turn the tables on him and off to jail Tony will go this time. Everyone, or I should say all the women will then compliment how brilliant he is, while Bo and the other men folk will still be suspicious.

A few opinions ago I said I was on the fence about Patrick and Billie and this week watching them together I was almost convinced that I liked them as a couple. They will never reach the popularity like Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla, or even John or Marlena, but they should be amusing to watch especially if Chelsea is in fact Georgia, mom and daughter going after the same man. Another thought about Billie is in the Jack section.

Sami and Lucas

The scenes of Sami and Lucas making love and just being happy were great, the repeat of the bed falling I know is supposed to be their thing, but the first time it was cute this time I just rolled my eyes. Then they started talking about Stan once again being a traitor to his/her country. Sami should have just come forward from the beginning that Tony forced her to play Stan. If you remember he did promise that if she did what he wanted not only would she get the proof that Kate set her up, but that her parents would be returned to her. Duress could apply there!


I may get a lot of negative response for this next comment, but I am just thinking about this. How great it would be for Jack and Billie to get closer. They have always understood one another and watching them together there is something there that could blossom into something more. The reason this thought has entered my mind is because I am starting to want to see Jennifer more with Frankie than Jack. Now I donít know if I just like to see them together as friends or more, but I do enjoy when Jen and Frankie are together.


Now back to my wonderful Nicole. Here is a recap; Nicole helped Sami get the tapes from Eugenia with the agreement that Sami helps get Brady back for her. Then we find a drunken Nicole at Samiís door step while Lucas is out buying ice cream, demanding to get Samiís help, which if you make the deal you have to follow through. Sami then forces Nicole out the window on the fire escape where it starts to pour down rain. Nicole staggering on the ledge does a back flip right off the sucker and lands in the gutter where a spider-like Kate finds her. Arianne Zucker (Nicole) is great with comedy her and Steve Blackwood (Bart) would be interesting in a scene together.

Chloe and Brady

Yawn! Iím tired of listening to her complaining that she is ugly. In fact the whole Chloe story has gone down hill since she reveled that she was alive. Greta needs to come back and talk to Chloe about face scars, because Chloeís scars are not even that noticeable. For those of you who donít know who Greta was, she is the daughter of Princess Gina, who Hope just happens to look like, who wanted to be an actress. She was hired by Stefano to pretend to be Hope while Ernesto held Hope in a cage over a vat of acid. During Gretaís performance the acid horrible scarred her face. Greta then retreated to the Georgia bayou and covered her face with mud so no one could see her scars.

Chloe was also annoying me this week because she was so worried about Bradyís career. Chloe if you are really that worried about it, then tell Brady to go to work because he hasnít been there for a while. That was just a lame excuse that she used, ugh!

As I mentioned the Brady/Chloe story to me has been going down hill since she told Brady she was alive. First the whole I canít see your scars because your inner beauty is shining through, I laughed at when it first occurred. Yes it is supposed to be touching and all lovey-dovey, but the first time Brady said that to Chloe I rolled my eyes and sighed. Second, we only see them happy for brief periods of time, and then Chloe has to spoil the moment by ranting about how hideous she looks. Chloe was never this vain before, in fact she often said she didnít care how she looked to others, but now she does? This is one couple that I just donít care about anymore!

Lexie and Tek

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! How are we supposed to believe that Lexie just out of the blue gave in and made love to Tek? There was no build up to this. We do see Lexie and Tek talking to each other now and then, but nothing that would make her actions believable to sleep with Tek just like that. It is not making sense. If they would have made that a daydream first that Lexie was having then when it did occur we wouldnít be this thrown by it. Again we the viewers are getting cheated and treated like we are dumb and I donít like that feeling!

Hey, itís just what I think!


A face can launch a thousand ships, but one voice can make a difference! E-mail me at

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/17/12

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